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Are your multiple late-night Columbia Admirers posts not getting the attention of that special someone in your 200-person lecture? (Hint: it’s probably because you’re describing them as a tall brown-haired person in skinny jeans who was taking notes and drinking coffee). Time to burst your anonymous bubble: Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and if you want to get the ball rolling on your romantic life we can offer something bigger and better than a Facebook tag: our annual tradition, your very own Bwog Personals post. Email with your unique, witty yet charming, individualistic answers to the questions below and your most flattering (or not) photo — we’ll take care of the rest.  Your smiling face will be presented , and interested persons can contact us for a real-life CU Admirers situation. If you catch someone’s eye or vice versa, Bwog will give the happy couple $10 to use towards their first date. (You should probably supply that with some more of your own money if you want a second date.)

Fill in the blanks to find love:

  • Name, Year, School, Major
  • Preference (guy for guy, etc)
  • Hometown
  • Your dream date in seven words or fewer
  • What redeems you as a human being?
  • Obsessive book series of choice
  • Library room of choice
  • What you think the sexiest animal is
  • Your guilty pleasure song
  • Do you watch “Girls” ironically or unironically?
  • Historical Hottie

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  1. The Shadowy Cloak

    bwog you do not tell the truth which is that you COVERED UP A STORY about spec because you are in bed with them. spec sucks has the true story

  2. unironic


  3. Nervous  

    I mean, this would be totally fun, but I'm afraid that 100% of the CU community would judge me and think I'm desperate/sad.

    At the same time, I don't see those people with dates...

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