Scholarship Reception Doth Approach

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"child, who are you?"
"child, who are you?"

It will be just like this

This Thursday, the annual Dean’s Scholarship Reception will be held in the Roone Arledge Auditorium in Lerner.  Students with named scholarships are invited to go and meet the donor who named their scholarship.  According to the Columbia website, students are matched with donors based on “intellectual pursuits, extracurricular achievements, hometowns and plans for the future, among other factors,” and donors are super pumped to hang out.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to thank the person helping you out through college.

Plus, with any hope they’ll tell you some enlightening stories from their glory days (ctrl+f “panty“).

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  1. named scholar  

    were we supposed to get an email inviting us to this? i didn't :(

  2. The Masked Phantom

    Hey bwog why are you covering up the REAL story on spec sucks dot wordpress dot com!?!?!? SPEC WAS CAUGHT WITH THEIR PANTS DOWN

  3. JTS '99  

    I heard the sponsor for one of the spec editors is Dean Martinez

  4. SEAS scholar  

    My email says that it is actually on Thursday the 21st? Or is this for SEAS only?

  5. Anonymous

    Remember to give back as a thanks to those who helped you.

  6. Freshman

    I get to meet John Jay?? I'm so excited!

  7. weird  

    did the administration like pay bwog for this post, which is more like an advertisement than news?

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