Overseen: Statues Debut Their Spring Collection

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Call up your favorite Columbia fashion blog (or if it’s too hard to pick your favorite, just call your top 10) , because Bwog has spotted some fresh outfits around campus. We were impressed by the statues’ winter collection last semester. With these new pieces, they are approaching Augusta Dayton-levels of Columbia stylishness.


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  1. Sherry J. Wolf  

    Glad to see that this is not restrained by gender norms. Finally a positive post.

  2. Hamilton  

    Hamilton's been wearing the same tie since December.

  3. Anonymous  

    Gosh Yarn-It goes hard!

  4. Guys!

    I still access this site from

    Stop forcing on everyone you facists

  5. Manly_Dude  

    This kinda makes me wanna start knitting again.

  6. Anonymous

    ..poor jefferson... maybe he gets dressed up at UVa

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