Wien Is Having Its First Party Ever

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Love of antiquity

The love of antiquity

Tonight’s Valentine’s Day Mixer, hosted by CU Admirers, actually advertises itself as “Wien’s first party,” so that’s not us trying to be funny. We’re just reporting the facts, and the apparent free cupcakes, cookies, and other sweet pink-and-red festooned foods that will be available tonight—along with a shot at true love, if the impassioned event description is to be believed.

Tonight from 9 to 11 in the Wien lounge, you’re encouraged by all and sundry to dramatically ask out your crush (to Wien…) and from there seduce them with card-making sessions and cupcakes of unknown provenance. A Valentine’s Day game show is also advertised; this all seems like a harrowing ordeal, but also maybe a fun one? Of course, if you’re looking for love in a less direct manner you can always send in a Bwog personal.


Bwog Your secret admirer

A classy lady via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. GS  

    Normally I'd be quite offended at an ostensibly neutral CU admirers event being held in a place which excluded certain students, but this time it's their comeuppance. Without GS and BC it's just gonna be a virgin sausagefest.

  2. I like cupcakes.  

    lies. there are no cupcakes.

  3. re: dining points program  

    I will kick down doors to invest in you if it means finishing your program sooner

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