Personals: Hannah Cohen, CC’15, and Peter Sterne, CC’14

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Tonight’s personals include a Henry VIII enthusiast and a New Yorker fan: meet Hannah Cohen and Peter Sterne.

Name, Year, School, Major: Hannah Jane Cohen, Sophomore, CC, Earth Science and Physics

Preference: Girl for guy

Hometown: Chappaqua, NY

Dream date in seven words or fewer: Spinal tap + beer + cuddling + late night talking

What redeems you as a human being? In the Bible verse for Hannah (Mother of Samuel), her husband asks her, “Are you drunk in the temple again? You always do this.” I try and live by this philosophy every day.

Obsessive book series of choice: The Dark Tower. Nothing else even compares.

Library room of choice: 6th Floor. Also my room.

What you think the sexiest animal is: An Icelandic Pony or a miniature husky puppy.

Guilty pleasure song:So Yesterday” by Hillary Duff and all of Marilyn Manson. I’m a pretty embarrassing person.

Do you watch “Girls” ironically or unironically? Obviously unironically! If you say you watch Girls ironically, I will automatically assume you are stupid. Much like people who didn’t like “Cloud Atlas” or understand the Lost finale — you are dumb.

Historical hottie: Anne of Cleves. She’s the coolest of Henry VIII’s wives.

Name, Year, School, Major: Peter Sterne, Junior, CC, Anthropology

Preference: Guy for girl

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Dream date in seven words or fewer: Dinner, drinks, discussing the New Yorker, brunch (“discussing the New Yorker” may or may not be a euphemism)

What redeems you as a human being? I afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. Also, I always hold the door for people.

Obsessive book series of choice: The Hunger Games. J-Law is amazing.

What you think the sexiest animal is: Humans

Guilty pleasure song: Robyn, “Call Your Girlfriend”

Do you watch “Girls” ironically or unironically? Unironically. (I’m a Charlie.)

Historical Hottie: Ida Tarbell

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  1. isnt' there a  

    conflict of interest between bwog and peter sterne? being that he's a staffer and could have tailored the questions to his own liking?

  2. Anonymous  

    at first i was like "how can dinner and brunch be part of the same date" then i felt dumb.

  3. babby

    how is peter foam? how is stern make?

  4. Anonymous  

    I swear these personals are fucking j-date.

  5. The Honourably Based FILGB  

    >Majoring in Anthropology

  6. The Dark Hand  

    Cloaked Mask...why are you not putting your personal up on spec sucks like me???

  7. TBB  

    >identifying with Charlie. Peter, you disappoint me.

  8. Secret Hilary Duff Fan  

    I have to Come Clean: I'd hit it.

  9. from the zero  

    But peter, I thot, I thot, u loved me... ;_;

  10. Anon  

    I can't even with Peter's answers.

  11. This is stupid  

    "Obviously unironically! If you say you watch Girls ironically, I will automatically assume you are stupid."

    Girls is a fundamentally ironic television show. It is not possible to watch it unironically. Lena Dunham is a genius and this question is dumb.

  12. Anonymous

    You mean you don't have to be a famous politician to live in Chappaqua? Crazy!

  13. confused  

    Is that a Columbia Daily Spectator banner I see in the background?

  14. Watching  

    Girls "unironically" doesn't make sense. The writing is self-aware and subtly pokes fun at itself. Claiming you only watch it ironically is like saying you read Hipster Runoff ironically; you clearly don't know what the fuck you're supposed to be consuming.

  15. Fem Fat  

    > talking about girls > analyzing girls > assuming Lena Dunham is anything other than a person to be laughed at > wat r u doin

  16. Wait....  

    Wasn't Anne of Cleves ugly as hell? Like, she was compared to a horse almost as bad as SJP.

    But then again, you included "Icelandic Pony" as a sexy animal, so.....

  17. Anonymous  

    For someone going into journalism, you'd think one would know better than to take pictures without asking permission.

    Your twitter looks lovely, too, Pete.

  18. I would love to go out with Hannah!

  19. Hey,  

    "Call Your Girlfriend" is straight-up pleasure, nothing guilty about enjoying it

  20. Holy non-Shiska, Batman!

    Realized all the cute chicks thus far have Jewish fuckin last names.

    Immediately forwarding Bwog to my former classmate who still goes here. Guy is obsessed with Jewish brownhaired non-shiskas.

    Man how I'd love to be at Columbia again!

    -K-Dogg, SEAS Alum, '10 and '12
    Fellow Jew.

  21. Anonymous  

    I am automatically impressed by any girl who does physics.

    (Because of the physics part, not the girl part. The girl part is relevant because I'm a straight guy.)

  22. Anonymous


  23. Geoff  

    yeah can we maybe list people from outside westchester or Connecticut for once?

  24. >>  

    >>Bwog touts its steadfast commitment to freedom of speech.

    >>>Calls Peter Sterne "The wettest of farts." A witty, mildly vulgar but hardly damning insult.

    >>>>Gets comment deleted.

    Is it just me, or is there a problem here?

  25. Straight Girl crush

    I'd let Hannah sit on my face.

  26. Anonymous  


  27. G@Y Boii  

    Damn, Hannah, you could make me quit the burlier sex.

  28. agreed  

    cloud atlas rocked

  29. Yo Hannah.  

    Meet me at dawn on Lowe steps? I'll leave a note on Alma if I have to pee (cuz I know you don't dig guys who do it in bottles). Get at me, beautiful.

  30. JJ11 4 lyfe  

    nothin but love for the first annual peter sterne memorial winner

  31. Oy.

    Cloud Atlas was nothing intrepid. It was about on the same level as A Dangerous Method.

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