F’real Though: The End of Courtship?

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This could be you

While the New York Times is reporting that traditional dating has been unceremoniously tossed out the window, this Valentine’s Day we asked our buddies over at DateMySchool to set the story straight.

According to their data, courtship is very much alive and thriving.  This year, 54% of Ivy Leaguers say their ideal first date is traditional dinner, with 71% of men offering to pay the whole bill.  Not to be outdone, 68% of women were willing to split it.  Meanwhile, on the “being a decent human being” and heartbreak side of things, 96% of Ivy Leaguers would break up in person and only 4% would update their Facebook status to “single” or send a text to signify the end of a relationship.

Over at Columbia, things look fairly optimistic if you want a date this weekend.  About half of men and women want a first date at a casual restaurant, with another 41% hoping for someplace extremely unique.  Only 23% of CU women would expect the dude to pay for the whole bill, but 71% of men would expect to regardless.  A majority of women plan to pay for half the check.  Again, Columbia managed to land on the “decent human being” side of things, with 95% saying they’d break up in person–and 0% of men said they’d do it over Facebook.

So stop writing that CUAdmirers post and get out there, you crazy kids!  The odds are in your favor!

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  1. Um  

    is this not [ h e t e r o n o r m a t i v e ]

  2. 330 Pound SEAS Boy  

    lol, me? Get a date lol!

  3. I dont know why people post good times on FB...

    I have a ridiculously smart and beautiful date tonight and all of my friends, non-friends, haters, and classmates know that.

    However, I'm refraining from posting anything about our date tonight downtown on FB...because frankly, I'm sure it pisses people off, as one person's FB status already indicated with "Ugh all these v-day posts are making me depressed"

    So folks, if youre having a great time tonight, have it on your own. Like I will. Savor the moment with that special someone but love the rest of your friends as well and don't be self-centered.... friends who either have psets to do tonight, had a recent breakup, or simply got turned down by their crush.

    That is all. :)

    -- SEAS guy, '13

  4. those NYT people sucked  

    sounds like NYT was talking to puerile 20-somethings who could be mistaken for cast members of Girls

    here's to being more mature than that, columbia

  5. JJ11 4 lyfe

    I read the title Feral Courtship and was like BWOG we ain't cats we still people smh but then I read the title correctly lmao sometimes I jus get 2 excited reading and jump to conclusions n shit idk

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