Personals: Christopher Vela, CC’14, and Shelley Farmer, BC’14

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Are you surrounded by roses and condoms and candy today and itching for some love to go along with it? See if one of our fine young eligibles strikes your fancy on this Valentine’s Day — nothing says “spontaneity” like asking one of them out via very late tonight. Meet Christopher Vela and Shelley Farmer.

Name, Year, School, Major: Chris “TOPHER” Vela, Junior, CC, Stats and CSER

Preference: Guy for Woman

Hometown: Edinburg, TX

Your dream date in seven words or fewer: Brews and hating on Taylor Swift +1020

What redeem you as a human being? I just chill and enjoy the little things in life.

Obsessive book series of choice: As cliché and lame as it is I would say Harry Potter. Totally want a Death Eater tattoo on my arm.

Library room of choice: 4th floor. Aka the place where one loses his/her soul.

What you think the sexiest animal is: Cougars.

Guilty pleasure song: Any Marvin Gaye song cause obviously that guy was BO$$.

Do you watch “Girls” ironically or unironically? Hate on Girls as much as you want, if Judd Apatow is the executive producer then they must be doing something right. I’ll leave it at that.

Historical hottie: Jackie Kennedy.


Name, Year, School, Major: Shelley Farmer, 2014, BC, Russian language and literature

Preference: Strong, Bold, Beautiful Barnard WOMON for human

Hometown: Flowery Branch, GA*

Your dream date in seven words or fewer: Cultural event to ruthlessly size up taste

What redeems you as a human being? I empty the dish rack in my suite a lot.

Obsessive book series of choice: A la recherche du temps perdu in French**

Library room of choice: Butler media room

What you think the sexiest animal is: Possum

Guilty pleasure song: Every song from Yentl

Do you watch “Girls” ironically or unironically? “Look at the doll”

Historical hottie: Caligula – EVERY GURL LUVS A BAD BOY LOL

*Real place

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    Sweet! This is amazing.

    I remember this girl because I've walked past her numerous times in the past on Collegewalk and we locked eyes every time (although I'm sure she gets this all the time and prob doesn't remember me) but I remember we locked eyes for more than a few seconds and we both smiled and she kept fixing her hair as she walked past me. Never got her name but I am 100% sure that is her.

    Contemplating if I should send Bwog a request for a date ;)

    Although I might have to delete my Google Chrome browser's search cache now for the other month when I viewed some uhh, adult films online with "The FARMER'S Daughter" in the title LOL.

    haha kidding, shelley. but not really LOL.

    that random guy you walked past a few times on collegewalk and shot mutual interested looks at

  2. Bored and lonely

    "Cultural event to ruthlessly size up taste."

    I hate Manhattan.


    Shelley is so sweet and brilliant and the most cultured and interesting person I have ever known. She is so fun to be with, and anyone would be lucky to GET SUMMA DAT.

  4. Anonymous  

    as much as the farmer's daughter comment is slightly creepy, you sound kind of cute. Although, I briefly know Shelley from theater and she smiles at everyone so I bet she's never gonna remember who you are. You should ask her out though.

  5. Anonymous

    Shelley's pretty hot.

  6. Anonymous

    Chris Vela... I want your body now.

  7. TBB  

    I had a babysitter named Shelley once. But then one day she left to go screw her boyfriend and left her 6yo daughter in charge of the other kids at the daycare.

    Fun times.

  8. Mandy Patinkin

    Shelley is the best.

  9. Not to be that guy but...  

    I'm fairly certain her picture was photoshopped a bit.

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