Kingsmen Bring the Love

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The Kingsmen followed their annual tradition yesterday by interrupting classes with song-o-grams.  After sneaking into a class to catch one of their performances, Bwog stalked the group to more serenades, really learning the power of large groups of people in brightly colored jackets.  They explained that friends or members suggest people to serenade and provide a time and place to do it.  The main motivation is to embarrass the receiver, but the Kingsmen admitted they probably have more fun that the person being serenaded or the person who set it up.  Decide for yourself by checking out the scene:

And for another view, check this out.

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  1. Dude!?  

    How does this only have one comment?! I hope a lot more people actually watched this. I don't know you guys in the Kingsmen, but way to be. That was funny and Columbia could use a whole lot more of that smile-inducing humor.

  2. Dixon Cox  

    ¡Con los terroristas! *Harlem Shake*

  3. senior  

    i kind of wanted this to happen to me before i graduated...

  4. Anonymous  

    mitch makes me cream my pants

  5. wants to sing  

    How does one get involved with kingsmen, or really a capella in general in campus. My voice isn't great so I'd never pass an audition, but I want a way to sing and practice. Does that make sense? Any ideas?

  6. Anonymous  

    this is terrific!

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