Stop and Frisk Goes Too Far!

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Gets stopped and frisked. Doesn't even report the guy.

Gets stopped and frisked. Doesn’t even report the guy.

Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker claims that he was accused of shoplifting at Milano’s Deli and then stopped and frisked by an employee! Whitaker was initially shocked, but he consented to the search. The actor did not report the incident to any authority figure at the request of the worker who was afraid that he would lose his job. A rep for Whitaker and eye witnesses back up the story. One eyewitness says that this isn’t the first racist action/conversation she’s overheard at the Deli and she plans to stop shopping there immediately.

One: Since when does Forest Whitaker come to Milano’s?


Three: It’s all HamDel from here, folks!



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  1. Bigger Story

    Forest was at our Milano? Holy eff.

  2. Anonymous  

    I wish I could say that this would stop me but I need my h17 to survive.

  3. McBainer  

    I can clearly see about 3 different news trucks pulling up outside my window to presumably cover this.

  4. did not like battlefield earth  

    if this cuts down the sandwich lines...well.

  5. confirmed by his paid rep?  

    Well that's a reliable source

    Anyway, I've gone into Milano more than once and roamed the aisles, then walked out without buying anything because I'm dirt poor and Milano is for rich people. Never been frisked. I'm a young white guy in a hoodie. Take what you will from that.

  6. ghost dog

    power, equality

    always see everything my brother

  7. Anonamoose  

    Something bad happened to a black man! Must be racism!

  8. Anonymous

    They frisk white students every day and no says anything.

  9. Anonymous

    It was crowded and mayhem at the store. They frisked a lot of people. They are allowed to. Are rich people exempt? Is this like Kim and Kanye refusing to go thru security because they are too important? Everything just does not have a racist twist. Sorry

  10. The Shield

    He deserves it for harassing Vic Mackey and family. If it wasn't for him, Lem would still be alive.

  11. Anonymous  

    "One eyewitness says that this isn’t the first racist action/conversation she’s overheard at the Deli and she plans to stop shopping there immediately."

    Another eyewitness says that they put human flesh in their classic homestyle lasagna! Anonymous eyewitnesses are awesome at uncovering stuff!

  12. J Paul

    Uh, no they are not allowed to falsely frisk. This isn't fascist Italy.

    • Anonymous  

      By entering and shopping in a private business, you are consenting to whatever business practices they use. At my Costco back home, it's one dude's job to stand at the door and check what is in your cart against your receipt as you leave.

  13. JJ11 4 lyfe  

    yo fuck racism that shit is wack I just wish people would be nice n shit idk


    "Taking an enemy on the battlefield is like a hawk taking a bird. Even though it enters into the midst of a thousand of them, it gives no attention to any bird than the one it first marked."

  15. Anonymous

    yo that shit mus b racial profilin

  16. stop it

    All the employees at Milano are ethnic minorities- literally every single one. Please stop the racism nonsense.

    • Yea guys stop it!  

      Everyone knows that all ethnic minorities are completely incapable of ever doing or saying anything that might possibly be perceived as racism.

      • ok

        I would understand your comment if Forest Whitaker was white. But he's not much darker than some of the Milano employees- are you insisting that the dark brown man that works at Milano targeted the slightly darker Whitaker because of race?

        This employee could have been any one of the apparently Asian, Latino or a black employees working at Milano. I still think people are looking for an excuse to encourage racial conflict, like you did with that comment.

  17. McBeezy  

    Complaint about Milano: They're always rushing you and yelling "NEXT!" as if they have somewhere important to go or as if they are part of a high risk atom bomb disarmament mission; YOU ARE MAKING SANDWICHES!

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