Cheap Eats in Morningside

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ALL the food
ALL the food

All this for $3

Whether you’re boycotting the meal plan or boycotting Milano, Morningside offers a plethora of  inexpensive dining options to try before you come to the last resort of, you know, actually cooking. Here’s a roundup of some staff favorites– add your tips in the comments!


$3.75 for a large coffee and ham, egg, and cheese bagel at the breakfast cart on 120th and Broadway (Monday-Friday)


$7 appetizer, entree, and coconut ice cream at Sookk (101st and Broadway)

$8 appetizer and entree at both Thai Market and Wondee Siam V (both at 107th and Amsterdam)

$8 chicken entree and side at Freda’s Caribbean and Soul Cuisine (between 108th and 109th on Columbus Ave)


$5 burger Mondays and $5 hot dog Tuesdays at Deluxe (113th and Broadway)

$6 dinner special on Tuesdays at Wondee Siam V

All Day:

$3.69 falafel sandwich at Falafel on Broadway  (between LaSalle St and Tiemann Place on Broadway)

$6 make-it-yourself pita at Maoz (111th and Broadway)

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  1. Anonymous

    John Jay is the Best!

  2. who are you  

    $8 for lunch is cheap eats!??!?!??

  3. Anonymous  

    Sookk is phenomenal, would be packed 24/7 if it was closer to Columbia. As it stands now I can only travel there in the summer though.

    $5 basic staple days at Deluxe though are the opposite of cheap and affordable, don't fall for their lies Bwog

  4. is this how you roll in flavor town?  

    -$5 dumplings at the chinese food cart on 116th & broadway
    -Lunch special at Amir's (Falafel, 1 side, 1 soda)
    -Roti Roll

  5. anon

    $1 empanadas (beef, chicken, or three cheese) on Wednesdays from 4-7 at Havana Central

  6. Anonymous  

    it's all about the Amir's lunch special. $6 gets you a felafel, a great side (get the mujadra) and a bottomless drink. It's perfect.

  7. Anonymous  

    When Maoz allowed unlimited toppings, it was a pretty good deal (despite the issue of tongs grazing people's partly-eaten food as they repeatedly refill their pitas), but now they only let you get toppings once and it's really not worth the walk/extra money over cart falafel.

  8. Anonymous  

    Stop trying to make a Milano's boycott a thing.

  9. Anonymous  

    the $6 dinner at wondee is a lie. they were very confused tonight.

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