New Campbell Sports Center is Incredibly Swanky

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Oh yeah, that's what a modern sports center should look like

Oh yeah, that’s what a modern sports center should look like

Bwog found out from a tipster today that football coach Pete Mangurian recently updated his Facebook page with some photos of the new Campbell Sports Center.

Before we get too indignant over the opulence and extravagance, the old sports center was by all accounts a depressing shithole, and the new one can be used by all Columbia Athletics teams, not just football. The new center was designed by Steven Holl, a Columbia professor around the concept of “points on the ground, lines in space,” which sounds…cool.

Apparently locals around Baker think it’s a blight on the neighborhood landscape of “sedate Art Deco and Tudor-style apartment buildings.”  Bwog just hopes that the dramatic change in environment will cause an equally dramatic change in our Lions’ athletic abilities…

Here are the photos, with captions from Pete Mangurian’s page, plus two extras:

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  1. Anonymous  

    inb4: Athletics hate shitstorm.

  2. Anonymous

    A flat NoCo that most students will never see or take advantage of? Excellent use of funds, Columbia.

  3. Please  

    Find out whether non-athlete students and gym members will be able to use that gym as well. The Dodge weight rooms are so gross.

  4. GS '13  

    Northwest Corner Of Manhattan Building

  5. Anonymous  

    what is with our love for RAMPS

  6. CC '15  

    Bill Campbell could have found a much better way to spend that money. SkyMall maybe.

  7. Anonymous

    The new facilities are fantastic.

  8. Anonymous

    All of Columbia should look like this

  9. BSGS  

    Lerner, NoCo, and Possibly Diana had a devil spawn child.

  10. Julius SEASar  

    Fuck the football team. Rebuild mudd.

  11. Anonymous

    Not bad for athletes that couldn't beat a Jr. High School, but front like they belong in D-I. Enjoy playing Madden on your XBox in the lounge, itll be the closest to the pros (or a win) you'll get.

  12. Honestly  

    Why don't regular students have a lounge with video games and TVs... Something like a student center? All we have are stupid ramps and a piano....

  13. analrapist  

    designed by STEVE HOLT!!!

  14. I honestly think think

    that Columbia has to have some sort of connections to the sofa mafia. That is the only way I can explain to myself how we manage buy to buy the ugliest motherfukkin sofas on the planet, year after year.

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