Same hoodie and glasses.

Same hoodie and glasses.

After Emlyn Hughes’ cryptic stunt during last week’s Frontiers of Science lecture and the hullabaloo that followed, of course everyone was looking forward to today’s lecture. Our sources hinted that it would be even crazier than last week’s.

An e-mail was sent out to those in the class also announced that “due to recent media attention,” they would be checking ID’s to make sure that only people registered for the course would get in. This actually happened, as security guards with iPads barred anyone not on the class roster, and for some reason weren’t letting students bring in their coffee.

Before Hughes walked in, students were also told not to photograph or film the class. And this week’s hip hop song of choice was Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise,” which was not accompanied by any shenanigans. Then Hughes arrived and simply stood by his desk as the song played over videos of nuclear tests and explosions, which makes sense because the topic of the week was nuclear terrorism.

Still wearing his hoodie and sunglasses, Hughes said, “Of course I do lots of unwise things in lectures, and you have punished me for it. We’ll talk about that later.”

The two mysterious girls.


The only truly mysterious thing that happened was that at one point, two girls suddenly sat on two chairs onstage using laptops, raised their hands, and left.

In the end, that was the extent of the weirdness: Hughes proceeded to deliver a normal lecture about nuclear terrorism and the physics involved, and ended with a video by “an alum,” namely, Barack Obama.

He ended the class with a discussion where he said, “Since we made this into the most famous classroom in the world, I know that we have a lot to say to each other… We’re going to talk about it, but not today.”

We guess that’s all for today folks, but the grand finale may finally come next week.