Overheard: High for the First Time

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All Bwog remembers from its first high, somewhere behind Mudd during NSOP off campus is red eyes and hot Cheetos. Apparently someone else had a similar experience today on College Walk.

“Do you believe in light years?”

“What do you mean?”

“I do. I think we should measure everything in light years. Like, height, distance, everything. Then you’d know how far back in time the thing you’re looking at was. Think about it–John Jay could have been completely destroyed 0.000000001 seconds ago.”

Either that or the new FroSci homework!

Munchies via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    not as funny as y'all think it is

  2. dirty mike  

    first time? my high has never gotten low. obvi. #sorrynotsorry

  3. blunts in butler  

    dude, have you ever thought about how there are multiple parallel universes?

  4. Anonymous  

    1/4 students in the graduating class of SEAS is from the 3+2 program. It is a scheme for rich people to get guaranteed admission into Columbia for only a 3.3 gpa at schools like kentucky state. The administration thinks they're pulling a fast one on us. But we won't stand for it any longer. They didnt accept these mediocre students in the first place to protect its stats, so why accept them later just to bolster funds? It hurts all of us. Especially, these sub-par imbeciles who don't belong at Columbia.

    We wont stand for this any longer. Thats why we should all go on strike against Columbia

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