Bacchanal of years past

Because Bwog has been excluded from Bacchanal coverage, Bacchanal has released a statement only to Spec. It doesn’t really say much, unless you read between the lines. When Bacchanal says they’re “looking forward to announcing this year’s lineup, and nothing has changed in that regard,” the implication is pretty clear: what has changed is that Macklemore bailed on us for MTV.

Dear Columbia,

In light of rumors published in an off­-campus publication last weekend, we feel the need to issue a statement regarding this year’s Spring Concert.

As always, we will announce this year’s lineup on April 1st, 2013, approximately two weeks before the show. This year, we have renewed our continuous dedication to keeping Bacchanal’s Spring Concert an unticketed event. Because our venue is an open urban campus, we announce late in order to keep crowd control simple, and to keep the event awesome for everyone.

We have worked tirelessly all year to put on a special day for everyone involved. The Spring Concert holds a special place in our hearts, and we are 100% confident that it will be an unequivocal success, the unique day that all of Columbia looks forward to through the haze of midterms and papers.

We’ve been looking forward to announcing this year’s lineup, and nothing has changed in that regard. It’s going to be an amazing year, and, as usual, the only valid information regarding Spring Concert will come straight from Bacchanal.

See you at DeBacchery!