PSA: Your Bacchanal Coverage May Experience Some Technical Difficulties

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Remember when we wrote a light-hearted and clearly speculative post about some rumors to get pumped up about Bacchanal?  Apparently Bacchanal didn’t find it as much fun. In response to an inquiry for a magazine piece about the organization itself, a Blue and White first-year reporter received an unexpected response from a board member:

“We at Bacchanal have decided not to give any special coverage to Bwog or Blue and White reporting this year. We were very upset when Bwog published a speculative lineup earlier this month without contacting our club in any way ahead of time. First of all, this promotes inaccurate information, and secondly, we are contractually obligated to keep performers names secret until a specific day closer to the concert.  In all 4 of the past years I have been involved in Bacchanal I have never seen such disrespectful behavior from either Bwog or Spec. We felt it was very inappropriately handled, and because of that I will have to deny your request to speak with you about the piece.”

Unfortunately, it appears there won’t be any exclusive content regarding Bacchanal–apologies, all.  Next time we’ll keep our speculative posts more speculative.

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  1. Srsly?  

    This just oozes butthurt from the backlash from last year's announcement. Get over it, guyz.

  2. lazy college senior  

    ...sounds like some classic Kay Sorin bullshit

  3. anon  

    LOLWAT? Bwog disrespected bacchanal because it was promoting it way in advance by creating hype.....i guess my definition of disrespect is different from the bacchanal teams definition

  4. Anonymous  

    lol. you fucking deserve it bwog. keep up the shitty journalism.

  5. anon

    Yeah because I really give a shit about the Bacchanal line up compared to everything else going on. Whatever.


    Bacchanal. Maybe you've heard of it? It's kind of a big deal. I'm a member of the planning committee and you will defer to me at all times, knave.

    P.S. Fuck those Yale meanies for stealing our exclusive act :( will you guys be nice to us if we buy 60 minutes of Big Gigantic again?

    • DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!  

      Bachh. An. All.

      I am probably the most important student on my floor if you think about it
      well, second-most important. Tyler is a basketball student and he has an internship downtown.

      Don't touch me Bwog.

  7. All that power?  

    Smallest amount of power I've ever seen go to someone's head.

  8. butler_209  

    iTunes shuffled to Macklemore right when I opened this page IT'S GONNA HAPPEN

  9. Anonymous  

    if they're pissed, it must mean it's true

  10. Anonymous

    isn't macklemore comming? i heard from someone on the committee

  11. Anonymous  

    Oh man. The Bacchanal Committee needs a reckoning. They think that they're the shit.

    Here's some advice. Ease the fuck up. Learn to take constructive criticism. And for fuck's sake, let people speculate. Isn't that fun? Doesn't that build the hype?

  12. Anonymous  

    Bacch anal-retentiveness.

    Lighten up, assholes.

  13. Anonymous  

    just get taylor swift. it was always trouble to begin with.

  14. Hey I know!  

    Is Gaga free? I haven't heard from her in like a year and a half, or is she dead yet?

  15. Steve  

    The Bacchanal committee should be mad at themselves. Macklemore rumor wasn't conjured out of thin air, it started from Bacchanal members letting word slip. Blaming Bwog for reporting what the whole school had already been talking about is ridiculous

  16. Anonymous  

    We should have had 2 Chainz instead anyway and boo hoo at the Bacchanal committee, who are you guys again?

  17. Wait But

    Everyone keeps saying Macklemore, but literally EVERY Ivy is saying the same shit (UPenn: Macklemore and Calvin Harris rumor; Yale: Macklemore, etc.) People need to calm down because we might (AKA most likely will) become hella disappointed, especially since UPenn has WAYYYYY more money to blow on artists :'(

    Essentially, TRUST NO ONE

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