3LAU Will Play at Columbia in April

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A tipster sent us this photo of progressive house DJ 3LAU‘s spring touring schedule. It’s also posted on his official Facebook page.


Look at April 18th: “New York, NY Columbia University”

It’s not clear exactly why he’ll be playing here, though. The weeklong Columbia Music Festival, announced last month, was scheduled to run from April 9th to April 14th and Bacchanal was scheduled for the 13th. But the Facebook page for the Columbia Music Festival has been taken down, suggesting that it might have been rescheduled after Macklemore canceled.

So 3LAU might be playing at Bacchanal. Or he might not. But for some reason, he’ll perform here on April 18th.

Update, 8 pm: After a fan asked how to get tickets for the “Colombia NYC show” (really, dude?), 3LAU said that tickets will go on sale soon and be sold through Columbia. Bacchanal doesn’t sell tickets, so either 3LAU is confused or (more likely) he’ll be performing at a concert at Columbia that’s not Bacchanal.


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  1. ugh  

    Bwog, you ruin everything!

  2. phooey and pshaw!  

    Let the sweet sweet sounds of copier machines fucking infiltrate your eardrums - 3LAU's website.

    But actually though fuck this noise.

  3. oksana pochepa

    "Blau attended Washington University in St. Louis until the fall of 2012, when he decided to pursue his music career instead of finishing his undergraduate degree in finance. "

    what a way to have neither.

  4. CC 14  

    Yes!! Actually so excited for this! :)

  5. Fratty Hipster

    Well gosh darn I'm psyched.

  6. Anonymous  

    adding insult to injury. whether or not he's performing, bacchanal committee is probably hating the fuck out of bwog this year. i would. deliberate and numerous attempts to ruin the surprise.

  7. Anonymous  

    you spineless monkeys, everybody knows bacchanal is april 13, not 18!!!

  8. WOW  

    BWOG, this is absolutely horrible reporting.
    Did you even bother to look at the damn date on the poster?

  9. Fuck you columbia  

    Guys, apparently this is not happening. 3LAU was supposed to be playing at a Greek event on that date, and the administration just recently decided they wouldn't approve the show after all (because of "drugs" or some shit). 3LAU just doesn't know this yet. Can we somehow turn him into a Bacchanal act instead?

    • ^this is basically right  

      Cool your jets, people. He may or may not actually be coming--it's still being worked out but might not happen--and it's definitely not for bacchanal. Sorry to disappoint anyone, but we still don't know anything about the bacchanal artist.

      Also, Bwog, it might be better not to publish a story until there's more information: "3lau might be playing at columbia. Or he might not" isn't really a story yet. Props for trying though.

    • Correct  

      You are right!

  10. Calendar  

    Has no one realized the 18th is a Thursday?

  11. 420blazeitfagget  

    To quote the youtube comment gods, "2day 3lau 4ever 5stars"

  12. 3lau

    he is very silly looking with a silly name. what a poster, too, i might add.

  13. Fuck you, students

    Spoiled pieces of shit. It's just a fucking concert. Shouldn't some of you graduating seniors be worrying whether or not your expensive tuition has resulted in a nice stable job rather than what artist will be playing your last Bacchanal? If you wanted to see a specific artist, just go to their concert when they stop by NYC.

    - Columbia.

  14. Anonymous  

    You guys are ungrateful. I honestly don't understand why people are bitching about a show on campus. I never knew that college students could have such a fierce anti-fun attitude.

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