A tipster sent us this photo of progressive house DJ 3LAU‘s spring touring schedule. It’s also posted on his official Facebook page.


Look at April 18th: “New York, NY Columbia University”

It’s not clear exactly why he’ll be playing here, though. The weeklong Columbia Music Festival, announced last month, was scheduled to run from April 9th to April 14th and Bacchanal was scheduled for the 13th. But the Facebook page for the Columbia Music Festival has been taken down, suggesting that it might have been rescheduled after Macklemore canceled.

So 3LAU might be playing at Bacchanal. Or he might not. But for some reason, he’ll perform here on April 18th.

Update, 8 pm: After a fan asked how to get tickets for the “Colombia NYC show” (really, dude?), 3LAU said that tickets will go on sale soon and be sold through Columbia. Bacchanal doesn’t sell tickets, so either 3LAU is confused or (more likely) he’ll be performing at a concert at Columbia that’s not Bacchanal.