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Is it here yet?

Is it here yet?

Bwog likes to descend into Butler on Sunday nights (just as a sense of doom is descending) to gather an idea of what’s going on with fellow Columbians. This week we asked you, “What are you doing over spring break?”

The normal.

  • Caffeinated girl by the bathroom: “I feel like I’ve been living off coffee for the past few days. Can’t wait to go home and sleep.”
  • Boy dozing off on third floor: “I’m excited to hang out with friends and play FIFA.”

The travelers.

  • All 6th floor: Paris, Spain, Los Angeles
  • Girl working behind the desk: “I’m going to D.C. with my social caucus. Then I’m working.”
  • Two girls chatting: “We’re going to Cancun together for 8 days!”
  • Guy with fairly loud voice: “I’m going to Miramar to go scuba diving. No, I’m actually going to California.”
  • Stressed out girl in 209: “I’m going to Dubai and I can’t wait because I’m so stressed about midterms and I’ve been practically living in Butler.”

The others…

  • Guy: “Staying here… *sigh*”
  • Creepy guy I hope was joking: “Furiously masturbating.”
  • Creepy guy I hope was joking’s friend: “Dude, that’s what everyone’s going to be doing.”
  • Girl with trendy glasses: “Spring break? *laughs and shakes head*” (Bwog’s not sure what this response means)

All our state-school friends right now via Shutterstock

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  1. ive always wondered...

    where our student peers get the money to vacation to cancun for 8 days from? i know, some are from rich families, but i see tons of people from lower-income to middle class families on my fb news feed talking about flying to europe or mexico or whatever. im just wondering...

    cause even after my summer internship last year where I got paid almost $12,000, 25% of that went to my NYC rent and living, another 50% went to part of my tuition this year, and the last 25% is being used for living expenses this semester....leaving about $500 for "misc" stuff like vacationing which usually doesn't even cover the plane ticket!

  2. Poor Columbian  

    My trip home (CA): 2 layovers = approximately 10 total hours =(

    • Should be studying for those 2 midterms  

      Kayak found me cheap jetBlue flights nonstop from JFK to CA. Buy early.

      I'm seriously not with JetBlue/kayak. I just like helping ppl save money. i swear.

  3. Weekend1  


  4. Poor Columbian  

    Thanks! I need to switch from Expedia to Kayak!

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