Is it here yet?

Is it here yet?

Bwog likes to descend into Butler on Sunday nights (just as a sense of doom is descending) to gather an idea of what’s going on with fellow Columbians. This week we asked you, “What are you doing over spring break?”

The normal.

  • Caffeinated girl by the bathroom: “I feel like I’ve been living off coffee for the past few days. Can’t wait to go home and sleep.”
  • Boy dozing off on third floor: “I’m excited to hang out with friends and play FIFA.”

The travelers.

  • All 6th floor: Paris, Spain, Los Angeles
  • Girl working behind the desk: “I’m going to D.C. with my social caucus. Then I’m working.”
  • Two girls chatting: “We’re going to Cancun together for 8 days!”
  • Guy with fairly loud voice: “I’m going to Miramar to go scuba diving. No, I’m actually going to California.”
  • Stressed out girl in 209: “I’m going to Dubai and I can’t wait because I’m so stressed about midterms and I’ve been practically living in Butler.”

The others…

  • Guy: “Staying here… *sigh*”
  • Creepy guy I hope was joking: “Furiously masturbating.”
  • Creepy guy I hope was joking’s friend: “Dude, that’s what everyone’s going to be doing.”
  • Girl with trendy glasses: “Spring break? *laughs and shakes head*” (Bwog’s not sure what this response means)

All our state-school friends right now via Shutterstock