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A more important declaration than yours

A more important declaration than yours

The time has come: to commit, to declare, to promise, to pronounce, to scream from the rooftops — or to just do on your phone during lecture. Regardless of how much pomp and circumstance you attach to it, if you’re a CC sophomore, you should probably declare your major, concentration, or triple-major-double-concentration-combo at some point between now and Friday at 5 pm.

Go here — look, CSA has broken down the process into as many steps as possible. If you’re one of those special people who need a special form, you’ll have to find the link in your inbox yourself. Angst for a few seconds/minutes/days (or, y’know, don’t, if you already have your shit together) and become a useful member of society. Make lame jokes to your friend/roommate/person sitting next to you in 209 about being a humanities major and thus not a useful member of society. Make more jokes about declaring the wrong major because you pressed the wrong item on your phone. Although, they do warn you repeatedly that you can declare once and only once, so this probably has been way more than a joke for some people….

Get ready for the flood of department emails about seminars that you still don’t really understand. But, above all, in the words of Monica Avitsur of CSA: “Congratulations on reaching this moment and welcome to a new chapter of your academic career!” So take a moment while trying to scroll down to “Urban Studies” on your phone to congratulate yourself. You successfully completed an online form.

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  1. CC Senior.  

    It doesn't matter guys. Changing it's a breeze, anytime you want to down the road , and you guys still have tons of time. Just go with your gut.

  2. Anonymous  

    this is cool and all but we have not had a "bunsenbwog" feature since last november! that was last year! we want bunsenbwog!

  3. Anonymous  

    If you double major do you get advisors for each department? (Im confused what primary major really means)

    • Hey  

      The email I read said that you have to choose a PRIMARY Major/Concentration if you're doing a combo or more than just one and that's the department under which you'll be affiliated.

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