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On Friday, Staff Writer Manny Gonzalez attended the monthly ELSI Friday Forum seminar, featuring a discussion about the value, importance, upsides, and downsides of advocacy and allyship in ELSI.

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So you’re definitely getting Baked by Melissa, going to the Tank Top party (once the “Pot Party”), or getting seeds from the John Jay Lounge. It’s cute how CU students come together on 4/20 to produce the most insinuation-laden event names. That said, you can’t really compete with your professor’s itinerary on 4/20—they’re in academia! We […]

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Ever wonder what getting hired to teach a Core class as a grad student is like? Bwog’s own Monday Daily Lili Brown sat down with Nathan Schumer, a grad student hired to teach CC in the fall, and asked some stellar questions that get to the CORE (great pun!!) of the interview process. Check it […]

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Time To Declare

The time has come: to commit, to declare, to promise, to pronounce, to scream from the rooftops — or to just do on your phone during lecture. Regardless of how much pomp and circumstance you attach to it, if you’re a CC sophomore, you should probably declare your major, concentration, or triple-major-double-concentration-combo at some point […]

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Columbia got word last week that a whopping eight professors scored the ultra-prestigous Guggenheim fellowships, which will allow them to take the year off and work on individual projects. Because the only thing Bwog loves more than to revel in Columbia’s collective whininess about workload is to revel in Columbia’s collective bragging rights, we followed […]

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BwogSalon: Publius

In the spirit of Enlightenment salons from centuries past, we present the latest installment of BwogSalon. Below, check out an excerpt from Evan Madeo’s article from the latest issue of Publius: The Undergraduate Journal of Politics at Columbia University. Madeo examines the history of unemployment benefits, finding that they were only intended to supplement the once-generous benefits […]

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Animals at Barnard

Barnard has announced the theme for its 22nd Annual Medieval and Renaissance Conference, which will take place December 4th. It is titled “Animals and Humans in the Culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance” and claims to provide “an interdisciplinary conference exploring the many ways in which the human-animal connection and divide was imagined, employed, […]

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The Heyman Center continued its exceptional series of lectures on Thursday night with a presentation by Professor Steven Shapin of Harvard. Bwog’s Academic Exceptionalism Correspondent Dane Cook was there. Steven Shapin indulged an overflowing audience of (presumably) Ivory Tower affiliates at the Heyman Center last night with a presentation of his most recent work entitled, […]

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Overhead before Microeconomics, about the Culinary Institute of America: “I’d totally go there if I didn’t have any academic ambition.” Overheard shortly after, during Scientific Computation: “I know some of you want to become chefs. You should join the CIA… the Culinary Institute of America.” —Professor Traub

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