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scariest motherfucking picture ever
scariest motherfucking picture ever

you, basically

Unless you’re one of the unlucky ones who has a lit hum essay due at midnight tomorrow (Mark Lilla, we’re looking at you) or a rescheduled midterm sometime this weekend, Bwog would like to wish you a drunken and unproductive relaxing spring break. To paraphrase the words of KSho, we “hope this break affords you the opportunity to eat real food switch gears, catch up with your pets family and friends, or do nothing¬†something completely different.”

Bwog will return the Monday after spring break, pissed off, hungover, and a little more well rested, for the last eight weeks of the spring 2013 semester.

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  1. that man  

    (Mark Lilla) is the best

  2. Mhm

    Yeah, I'll let you know when I have that bod, Bwog.

  3. Sexiled  

    Dear Bwog,

    My roommate's boyfriend came over for spring break and will be staying here for a week (yeah...I know -_-). As the libraries are closed at night, would you kindly give me some suggestions on where to read near campus? I am noise-sensitive by the way.


  4. Sexiled

    Well her boyfriend sort of showed up "surprisingly" the day before my last midterm which leaves me no time to plan ahead. I still want to sleep in my room. I'm only looking for a quiet place that has soft chairs to read and write my essays. But thanks anon!

  5. Sexiled  

    Wow thank you all! That's a lot of places! I can go try every one of them in the upcoming days :D

  6. Metrocard

    it's spring break! get off campus!

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