Disclaimer: housing's website (or any other to Bwog's knowledge) does not give you free cash.

Disclaimer: housing’s website (or any other to Bwog’s knowledge) does not give you free cash.

Update, 1:06 PM: numbers for those entering the Barnard lottery are now up as well. No, you didn’t get an email about it.

…supposedly, since it is currently impossible to log in to the housing portal due to increased traffic. However, housing had announced that the numbers would go up before 5pm today, and tipsters are informing us that they’re already there.

Either way, this is how you do it in case you’re feeling lucky:

  1. Go to the StarRez Portal
  2. Log in with your uni
  3. Repeat step 2 until you don’t see the “Server is experiencing a heavy load” message.
  4. Click on the Applications link on the upper left
  5. Quiver with anticipation
  6. Select the Academic Year 13-14 application
  7. Feel the sweat glisten on your forehead
  8. Click on Registration Summary
  9. Scroll down
  10. Weep uncontrollably with either misery or bliss
  11. Summon friends, repeat step 10

The lucky ones via Shutterstock