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"Influences ranging from roots to ragas"

“Influences ranging from roots to ragas”

Standard Delivery, the band that won the Glass House Rocks Battle of the Bands and will perform alongside Hoodie Allen at (SIN)esthesia, released its first single, “Where I Belong” on SoundCloud this evening. The infant indie group’s press release (how mainstream) says that they recorded with Smash Studios and expect to have two more singles out before the end of the year.

Though Standard Delivery asked us not to “copy the press release verbatim,” the release does say that the band’s catchiness, improv skillz, and lyrics have earned it its support (only paraphrased, we swear). The band’s made up of freshpeople Jonah Belser on lead vocals, Prajit Gopal on the guitar, Alex Roth on bass guitar, and Linan Qiu on the keyboards, as well as Ethan Kogan of CC ’13 on drums (names have been copy-and-pasted). “Where I Belong” is pretty catchy, so catch it on SoundCloud, or see the Official Video below.

Standard Delivery from their SoundCloud

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  1. cc14  

    this is actually pretty good

  2. admirer  

    i wish you were same-day delivery not standard delivery so i could have the lead singer in my arms tonight

  3. Beyonce Pad Thai & Tastemaker  

    a) white people
    b) rape culture
    c) ...

  4. CC '16  

    Had no idea these guys made music like this. Good job

  5. "(names have been copy-and-pasted)"  


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