Columbia Admits 6.89% of Applicants for Class of 2017

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Smiles all around!

Smiles all around!

It’s become more impressive to become a Columbia student than ever. According to Admissions, only 6.89% of freshman applicants were admitted to CC and SEAS this year. That’s a record low admissions rate for the University, narrowly edging out the 6.92% admissions rate of two years ago. The University received 33,531 applications—more than last year, but not quite as many as two years ago—and only admitted 2,311 students.

Decision letters have already been sent out to applicants, who can also just log onto this handy Admissions website at 5 pm (EST) tonight to find out whether they’ve been admitted.

Newly admitted members of the Class of 2017 should rejoice. Newly terrified prospies of the Class of 2018 may want to consider Princeton, which had a much higher admissions rate (7.29%) than we did this year. (The other Ivies haven’t released admissions data yet.)

Bwog is thrilled for the latest crop of Columbians, and we look forward to stalking their Facebook group seeing them on campus next year!

Update (3:30)—Bwog was on College Walk to watch the joyous celebration as dozens of workers from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions carried out boxes of envelopes. Officers said that it’s the most exciting time of the year, also shown by their huge smiles and their rousing rendition of “Roar, Lion, Roar,” despite the light rain. A smaller batch of international decisions was loaded after the U.S. decisions into a different vehicle a few minutes later.

Apparently, the number of applicants is so large that not all of the envelopes can fit inside the Hamilton office, so many were stored on a squash court in Dodge. One member of the group loading letters also said that she was in labor last year at this time. Class of 2017 RD, you’re Columbia’s newest babies, and your birth will happen in only an hour and a half. See some pictures below of the beginning of your delivery:

According to Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jessica Marinaccio, the Class of 2017 is an amazing bunch of people:

“We are proud to release acceptances to Columbia’s Class of 2017, representing the culmination of many months of outreach, conversation and deliberation. These students have been chosen from the one of the largest and most selective applicant pools in Columbia’s history, hailing from all 50 states, as well as Washington, DC, the US territories and nearly 70 countries around the world. The class admitted today offers much more to Columbia than just academic credentials and impressive achievements. They embody the fundamental character of Columbia University, sharing a deep engagement with local and global issues, a spirited devotion to intellectual inquiry and an eagerness to add their unique perspectives to our diverse student body. These students – leaders, innovators, scientists, engineers, artists and humanists – were admitted after clearly demonstrating the ways in which they will enrich our unique community; over the next few weeks, we will focus our efforts on showing them how a Columbia education could in turn enrich their lives.

Throughout April, we will welcome admitted students and their families to campus to meet current students, engage with faculty and administrators and explore New York City. Columbia alumni will also host ‘Welcome Receptions’ in many cities around the United States and abroad. Current students are looking forward to connecting with their potential future classmates through a variety of outreach efforts as well as on campus. Our community of students, alumni, faculty and administrators are united in our enthusiasm to meet and welcome this remarkable cohort of future Columbians.

Update, 3/29: The other Ivies have now released their admissions stats:

Harvard: 5.8%
Yale: 6.72%
Us: 6.89%
Princeton: 7.29%
Brown: 9.2%
Dartmouth: 10%
Penn: 12.1%
Cornell: 15.2%

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  1. Princeton typo  


  2. check your facts

    Princeton's press release states that their rate was 7.29 percent. Your reported rate is 7.92 percent.

  3. Senior

    "What is coming is so horrible you have no idea." - Prof. Angelo Cacciuto, PChem

  4. check your facts

    Princeton's press release states that their admission rate was 7.29 percent. You reported 7.92 percent...

    "Princeton University has offered admission to 1,931 students, or a record-low 7.29 percent of 26,498 applicants for the class of 2017, the school said today."

  5. Server issues?  

    All I know is I'd be one PO'd pre-frosh if the same crap StarRez is going through happenes to the admissions site.

    But then again if you get in....

  6. 2015  

    so much for a class shirt that says "The 6.9%"... :(
    but congrats to the pre-frosh! <3 <3 so excited for you all! :)

  7. Julius SEASar  

    Does it bother anyone that some people would literally kill other people to get the chance to have to see the sun rise from Butler?

  8. CC'14  

    Feel bad for the poor kids who have to go their safety school in NJ.

  9. 2016  

    Revel in it, guys. This will be one of the happiest moments of your life.

    • CC 2015  

      I'm sorry, but no. I just cannot relate with this. I was getting off of just being rejected from my top choices, and Columbia was an secondary thought when I applied. I didn't jump around or yell to the heavens when I finally got to the admissions page on my friends iPhone.

      I just happened to be on a retreat during that time surrounded by other seniors whom I'd known for four years also get rejected from schools they had hoped for, including Columbia. It was an odd time of empathy mixed with celebration and reflection.

      This is a GREAT moment in many of these students lives, YES. Absolutely. It was a milestone and complete change of direction for me. Happiest? absolutely not. Confused, shocked, frustrated, and overwhelmed was what I would categorize the moment as.

      It's awesome you were able to enjoy this moment. All I ask is that you please don't assume everyone else is. They deserve to know life is more than Columbia.

  10. lawlz


    Not. Let's get our heads out of our asses guys, please. Who cares about the acceptance rate?

  11. Anonymous  

    7.29% is not MUCH higher. Come on guys to say that sounds kinda pathetic on our part. Come on Bwog

  12. im going to

    @CC 2015:

    officially punch you in the fucking face in my graduation gown

    - seas, '13

  13. hs senior

    Waitlisted! I've been reading bwog for an inappropriately long time, but my time has come to confront reality. You all are very lucky and amazing!!!

  14. Your  

    mom goes to college.

  15. Anonymous

    Congratulations Class of 2017!!!

  16. Van Owen

    To all you lovely accepted high school girls reading this, just remember that your reach school is someone else's safety. For everyone else, at least there's still Barnard.

  17. another hs senior

    Deferred-->rejected! Honestly, reading Bwog makes me feel better, since current columbia students seem to have a lot to complain about.

    who am I kidding, though...I wanted to go here so badly.

    • GS Troll  

      Take a few years off, learn to juggle, join the Marines, and make a movie about the failures of Western intervention in Rwanda.

      Then apply to GS.

      Hell, I'll even write your essay for you.

      Kidding aside, I hope you feel better.

  18. Heebs

    How many preferences for housing to put?

  19. Wannabe 2019

    Well this blows! Why do people at columbia have to be so damn smart. And for those of you who hate being at columbia you should know that me and all my friends want your life!

  20. CC Math-Econ17

    You have not seen a happy asian woman until you have seen my mom dancing around the house while calling everybody she ever met. The fin aid is also very good.

    No bamboo stick tonight! -_-

  21. Reject

    My chances at Goldman Sachs are over!!!

  22. GS Troll  

    ...Meanwhile, GS' admit rate has soared to 135% as The School of General Studies begins actively enrolling strangers on the streets of Manhattan.

  23. GSAS '14

    Does anyone have statistics on the percentage of applicants accepted into the graduate schools' programs?

  24. Herp Derp  

    When you say you're going to work on "Wall Street" it makes me think you're going to work in ops. Most people that secure front office gigs don't talk like that.

  25. Anonymous

    "Abandon all hope- Ye Who Enter Here"

    -Welcome to Hell-

  26. senior  

    ughhh nooooooooooo my life is overrrrrrrr

  27. Willbe 2014

    You only want my life because you don't know anything about it. All I ever do is go to class and study. You can do that at any university, not just the very selective ones. The only difference is that I get the privilege of going to class with snobby rich people and hipsters. I also never get to see any exciting football or basketball games. Other than that, college is college.

  28. Willbe 2014

    This is @ Wannabe 2019

  29. No name

    My friend got into the egleston scholars program at Columbia, so he is the top 1% of all applicants. Now he has to decide between Columbia, Harvard, and Williams. so tough

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