Name That SEAS Dean: The Finalists

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A few days ago, we asked you to help us come up with a nickname for SEAS Dean Mary Cunningham Boyce. You answered our call, mostly with variations on beloved ’80s rappers. But now it’s time to determine which name will forever be attached to Dean Boyce and which lucky Bwog reader will get a free Milano sandwich. So go ahead and vote on the finalists below!

What should Dean Mary Cunningham Boyce's nickname be?

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  1. Anonymous  

    These are all terrible.

  2. ok  

    how did Dean Cunni Boo Boo not make the cut?

  3. "Dean Dean Baybay"

    Song: "Dean Dean Baybay"
    Artist: $EAS Boi
    Label: Columbia Records

    Yo! We keep it real!
    Shoutout to my nerds, D-Spar, Wien-fizzle, and M.U.D.D.
    (hell yea!)
    Let's do ddis!

    (smooth r&b ambience plays)

    I'm so reaaaaal, (so reaaaaal)
    The day you arrived, baybay, I could feel (could feel)
    Saw you on that corner (corner), had an incidenceeee,
    Like Pena Mora - no confidence (connnnfidence)

    Yo yo, ugh!

    I got her numba in my BlackBerry as "lil dean"
    Got me tellin my momma like a jumpin bean
    Got me tellin all ma boys I met a queen,
    I tell em, "I bet she was a real cutie back in college, seeeeee?"

    She ma little Dean Mary,
    It's like we married,
    Up in the Rolls Royce, caviar for breakfast,
    Cuban cigars, gave her a lexus
    (wit a red bow, take a bow)

    She my cute litta nerd girl,
    Grew up and became a Dean Girl,
    Ugh! Shits so real, so smooth,
    Make DMC a run for his monehhh (monehhh)

    I know I aint had a history of goodness,
    fuckin' dem prospies in kent hall liike my life depended on esss,
    fuckin' dem white sigma delt chicks liike no tomorrow,
    what ima tell you, shits all true, no non-credit, no fuckin borrow

    queen mary, this chick is the illest
    dean of this shit, im just a realist
    a cutie with brains, we be late night out crusin'
    from my yacht on south beach to my pent in dubai
    she tellin her papa, shits real bout her and I,
    got em bitches doin calc 3, gettin high!


  4. Twitch  

    I love MSEAS Hammer, but it's too long, and I really advocate for DMC.

    And kid who keeps posting this stuff: WRITE SOME ORIGINAL CRAP. Not everything has to be parody. I've written some damn good bwog comment poetry in my day ("Coffee, weed and adderall" "The glory of the dawn from Butler 3," among others), it's starting to look like you're gunning for my place when I graduate (this May, sadly), and I swear to God you're going to have to step it up at least three notches in the clever/funny/shit people want to read department.

  5. ?que?

    ...what exactly are my random rhyming ramblings "parodies" of? I can't think of any songs they attempt to mock. Apologies if I had offended you.

  6. ?que?

    OH. I just got it. You thought I was attempting to make a parody of "Ice ice baby" i dont even know how that song goes. and im sure it goes nothing like that. it's just a name.

  7. DK  

    We have had PrezBo. We now have a DeanBo.

  8. SEAS2013

    did Feni ever even have a nickname?

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