SEAS Has A New Dean–You Know The Drill

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Yesterday, Mary Cunningham Boyce, neither Spec’s pick nor the interim dean (farewell Goldean!), was appointed dean of SEAS.  As per tradition, we welcome her with some good old fashioned hazing community building.  We’ve already seen some brainstorming in the comments, but it’s time to make it official: Dean Boyce needs a nickname.

Leave your suggestions in the comments and thumbs up/down your favorites/least favorites.  We’ll pick the finalists and have a poll to vote on.  The author of the winning suggestion gets a Milano sandwich–though we can’t guarantee Dean Boyce will share it with you.

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  1. Nothing will top

    MC Hammer.

    Track down whoever suggested that in the last thread and get them their damn Milano.

  2. SEAS '14  


  3. Alright: Got It  

    Dean Cunn-Fu

  4. SEAS '14  

    MC Boycetrous

  5. Arbok Used Boycen-Sting  

    Dean MaCunBo.

  6. PrezBo, You Say?  

    Why not DeanBo?

  7. Anonymous  

    boyce in the hood

  8. Anonymous

    Mother Mary

  9. Anonymous  

    Mary Double Seas

  10. Mary Cunningham Boyce  

    You can call me Dean Cunni Boo Boo

  11. Anonymous  

    Dean Ry'Bo ( ry pronounced as in mary)

    Dean MaBo /MayBo

  12. Nah, nah, got it


  13. Anonymous

    Dean Cunning.

  14. Anonymous  

    not your choice, MaChoyce

  15. for real doe...  


  16. Remember when they tried to change names?

    Dean M CE Hammer

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