Power Outage In EC

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Update, 8:44: Back! Rejoice and uncurl from the fetal position, EC’ers.

Update: And the EC Wifi is out too. So much for Netflix in bed.

We swear this post isn’t an April Fool’s prank. Unless Facilities really really hates us. EC residents, trot your way over to Butler while you still can.

Fade into darkness....

Fade into darkness….


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  1. EC resident  

    It's like really dark in here guys but like creepy dark somebody help kthanx

  2. in a review session  

    aw man why do i gotta miss the fun stuff..

  3. Someone post  

    to WTF Columbia please

  4. guess I'll head to the library  

    people screaming about looting

  5. Townhouse Resident  

    We still have WiFi.

  6. Currently  

    using WiFi in EC #townhouse #getatme #suckstosuck #takethestairs

  7. Biggest issue  

    having to poo in the dark

  8. Anonymous  

    Are people being allowed in?

  9. Hide Yo Stuff  

    Wait, if there's no power, doesn't that mean the locks are deactivated?

  10. anddddd  

    we're back. Thanks, Obama.

  11. I'm sweatin, wooo!  

    Rest your head I'll take you high/ We won't fade into darkness/ Won't let you fade into darkness/ Why worry now/ You'll be safe

  12. Anonymous

    Great job guys, it's worth it as long as we're in first

  13. From a Third World Country  

    This happens in Amrika too?

  14. Anonymous  

    "blacked out after partying too hard in ec joke here"

    dude, too soon....

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