Housing Coverage, Day Three

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Tired, hungover, dedicated: Bwog’s back at it with our third day of live housing coverage. Hopefully, the only other people awake at this hour are the groups suite-selecting. Yesterday afternoon’s Senior Regroup claimed several doubles and EC Exclusion suites, as well as a big chunk of Woodbridge. What’s gone: All the EC townhouses, all the EC all-single options in general, all of Hogan, Watt 2-BR doubles. What’s going fast: Watt 1-BR doubles. Be entertained/annoyed by our liveblog coverage below, as our familiar friends come back to spout more one-liners and song lyrics.

And check which suites are available in our live spreadsheet below:

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  1. confused  

    When did senior regroup happen since it's already up to junior? what?

  2. Anonymous  

    hannah cohen is annoying

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