#Housing 2013: prepare yo’self
General Selection Appointment Times Are Up

Read the title. General Selection, join your peers in the general mediocrity of housing! Make the nerve-wracking choice between Broadway singles and River singles (and then explain about a thousand times where exactly River is and that yes, it is a Columbia dorm)! Relish in the fact that you don’t have to repeat your housing choices to both us and Spec several times over the din of crappy pop music! Whether you’re in front of a computer screen or people handing you stickers, it’ll still probably suck a little. Except for that part where you don’t have to wear pants ever again.

Housing Coverage, Day Six

And here we are, at the end of the road. The JJ lounge is singing a song of McBain, Schapiro, and Wien today, with the occasional Nussbaum thrown in for some variation. But hey, we love McBain. And we love you, end-of-the-lottery freshmen. Here till the bitter end,


Housing Coverage, Day Five

One day more. You know the drill: read and comment/ask us off-topic questions on our liveblog, and anxiously refresh the spreadsheet of which rooms are still available. The pickings are getting slim, rising sophomores.

Housing Coverage, Day Four

Happy Monday! Bwog’s back for another glorious round of live suite selection coverage. Things may get a little lower this week as the housing options get less and less desirable (although Bwog is a staunch supporter of McBain), but we’re still here to chronicle every single second. Our loving liveblog waits to confuse entertain you below:


And check out which rooms and suites are still available in our spreadsheet.

Housing Coverage, Day Three

Tired, hungover, dedicated: Bwog’s back at it with our third day of live housing coverage. Hopefully, the only other people awake at this hour are the groups suite-selecting. Yesterday afternoon’s Senior Regroup claimed several doubles and EC Exclusion suites, as well as a big chunk of Woodbridge. What’s gone: All the EC townhouses, all the EC all-single options in general, all of Hogan, Watt 2-BR doubles. What’s going fast: Watt 1-BR doubles. Be entertained/annoyed by our liveblog coverage below, as our familiar friends come back to spout more one-liners and song lyrics.

And check which suites are available in our live spreadsheet below:

Housing Coverage, Day Two

Well, we’ve survived Day One. No tears were shed in the JJ lounge, although some angry looks were cast our way and there was some anxious floor-rolling. Overall, though, spirits were relatively high as Columbia’s best housing was snatched up in a flash, gone until the next housing cycle. Here’s a quick run-through of what’s no longer available and what’s going to be highest demand as Day Two begins:

It was never even a question that the Watt 2-bedroom suites would disappear within the first few hours. Also completely taken are the EC 2-person flats; the EC 5-person all-single suites; the EC 6-person all-single suites; the EC 4-person all-single townhouses (all RA combinations included); the Hogan 4-person suites; the Hogan 5-person suites; and the Ruggles 4-person suites (???). Going fast with only a few suites left are: the Hogan 2-person suites (2 left, both w/RA & rider); the Ruggles 2-person suites (4 left, all w/RA & rider); and the Ruggles 8-person suite w/2 doubles (1 left).

Survey the data from yesterday’s liveblog and spreadsheet; calculate your options; cry/rejoice a little; then go and house! We’ll be right there next to you. All day. Every day.

Check out our live count of which suites are still available!

Housing Coverage, Day One

For the past half hour, Bwog’s been hanging out in the JJ lounge with a breakfast of Swedish Fish and massive amounts of coffee — and that’s what we’re going to be doing for the next week straight. That’s right: our annual housing live blog coverage has begun. We’ll be updating the live blog constantly throughout the day, so keep checking back to see how the housing gods are feeling.

Look below for our updated count of which suites are still available!

Housing Heads Up!

The battle begins

Prepare yourself for battle — Housing Selection 2013 approaches! The only time when you can observe the entire range of human emotion (from hopeless weeping to ecstatic joy) without ever having to go farther than the John Jay Lounge. The epic journey starts today with a Room Selection Information Session at 6 p.m. in the John Jay Lounge. Housing will attempt to explain the process from start to finish (not possible, no one can ever truly understand Housing) and answer any questions you may have (too many questions for one session). Building Tours start next Wednesday, February 27 from 8 to 9:30 p.m.

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