CUMB and Columbia Style honor CU Admirers

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As commenters and tipsters made sure to repeatedly let us know, the last episode of CUMB’s sensual sundays came out yesterday.

It was an elaborate, funny homage to Columbia’s favorite Facebook page, CU Admirers (may it rest in peace). And to top it off, it’s off of R. Kelly’s “Ignition.”

It’s too much swag for us to handle. Check it out!

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  1. CUMB and R Kelly

    My two favorite things

  2. Anonymous  

    ugh ryan mandelbaum why are you so hot

  3. wow  

    these guys can actually sing OK

  4. i don't understand  

    what is an r kelly?

  5. Who did the production on this

    Cause they're worth admiring

  6. Beard, Tie, and Sweatshirt  

    Get out of this video and into my bed.

  7. Anonymous  

    even with all this sexiness on display...keanu ross-cabrera is still my number one. damn boy, you fine.

  8. Keanu  

    omg keanu ross-cabrera is so hotttt!! girls obsess over his god-like looks and charm

  9. Anonymous  

    This is spectacular.

  10. SEAS '13  

    This is adorable.

  11. Winn  

    Karim was absolutely indispensable, as was our production assistant, Karl Wagner (the white guy in timbs. well, knock-offs), and the band's scripts team. The credits give a better idea of who did what for the video but we're really glad you liked it!

  12. Karim

    Maybe invite me back to your place so I can sing to you. You bring the lubricant, I'll bring the chair and choreography.

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