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Hidden in the credits of Project Runway, there is a disclaimer that in choosing who wins and who loses, judges consider their own scores in addition to input from the producers and network.  In a similar vein, for the first time in a nickname contest, we’ve reserved our right to editorial discretion.  Although MSEAS Hammer won the popular vote, Bwog’s electoral college has chosen first runner-up DMC as Dean Boyce’s new nickname.

Many very important factors went into this decision, namely that:

  1. MSEAS Hammer has nothing to do with Dean Boyce’s actual name
  2. One Bwog staffer admitted that she had written the comment suggesting it, and never thought it would be considered a real option
  3. Typing out MSEAS Hammer every time we talk about her is gonna get really annoying

So welcome to the Columbia community, DMC, hope it treats you well!

If you were the initial one to suggest DMC, please email

DMC via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. User

    Can we just call her Dean Boyce? Although I voted for DMC and still do think it's the best of the choices, it's still not a very good nick name. New readers to this site are going to have no idea who you're talking about when you refer to her as DMC.

    Or at least call her "DMC Boyce" or something. At least that directly translates to Dean Mary C Boyce.

  2. Guys...  

    DMC is my queen.

  3. SEAS '13  

    "MSEAS Hammer has nothing to do with Dean Boyce’s actual name"

    I hated MSEAS Hammer, but even I can see it.

    Mary Cunningham Boyce
    drop the Boyce
    MC sounds like MSEAS
    take the HAM in Cunningham, add -mer
    Voila, MSEAS Hammer

  4. Anonymous  

    At least Run DMC would be better

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