Bwoglines: Relevant Edition

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vaguely distasteful

Relevant: Jay Z quotes Obama in his new song. (MSNBC)

One way to stay relevant: Lindsay Lohan is almost sleeping with Charlie Sheen. (E! Online)

When you are irrelevant: Google knows what to do with you. (BBC News)

Already irrelevant: B movie star sues IMDB for publishing her real age. Forty two, for the record. Because one way to keep your age out of the news is to sue for $1 million. (Fox)

Relevant Columbians:  You can have an Ivy League degree and still be funny. Video below.

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  1. Columbia Alumni?

    Bob and Eli aren't alumni quite yet. Don't try to shoo them out of this place. Campus will be much less funny when they're gone!

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