Pre-Freshpeople “R” Us

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since when does the r in toys r us have quotations around the "r"

Look at the prospies, all wrapped up and uncorrupted.

Live music, name tag chains, sauntering parents, and teenaged strangers in your hall bathrooms—it’s Days on Campus part one, people! Part deux is next weekend.

Relive your prefrosh misadventures with the full schedule below: 

More like dazed on campus, amirite via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    science and rabi scholars will be staying over monday until tuesday morning. post that schedule as well!

  2. Anonymous

    Are there going to be senior wisdoms this year? What happened to senior stories? Did that die last year?

    Fuck damn, class of 2013. What happened to us. I want my nostalgia.

  3. Gareth and Gulati

    Not holding back, eh Columbia admissions?

  4. Anonymous

    Columbia is awesome.

  5. CC14  

    I'm an international so when I got accepted, they suggested I go to a "Days on Campus" in Israel, India or China... because that makes sense.

  6. SEAS Applied Math '15

    your time here.*

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