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Police have cordoned off an area on College Walk by the Broadway gates Broadway from 115th to 117th. Police are saying a suspicious package was left on campus and needs to be investigated. More info as we get it.

Update, 7:40: Both sides of Broadway are now closed, including for cars. NYPD confirms suspicious package. One cop called it a suspected bomb on campus. No evacuations have been made yet, except on the street and a section of College Walk.

Update, 7:50: The street has been reopened, NYPD reports it was a false alarm.  An older woman had left her bag unattended under a bench by the gates.  She came back to reclaim it as the street shut-down was underway.

Update, 8:10: Emergency alert text messages have just begun coming in [at least, to Barnard students].  Please note: the all clear has already been given by the NYPD.

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  1. Brozay  

    Oh look... a deli meat

  2. Anonymous

    We're on lockdown in hewitt

  3. Space Battleship Loofah  

    Rape culture.

  4. Anonymous  

    116th St. is totally filled with fire trucks and police cars, too.

  5. Anon  

    It's campus on lock down, not Hewitt. You just can't leave the gates.

  6. CC 14  

    Would it be too much to ask to get some kind of email? What happened to the alleged text message alert system.

  7. Anonymous

    What is happening with Take Back The Night? Still a go?

  8. Van Owen

    Was it a well-endowed package?

  9. CC13  

    it's an administration plot to fuck the seniors over

  10. CC'2014

    Riverside is also blocked off. There's a building on 116 b/w river and broadway that has been evacuated.

    They've just taken down the caution tape in front of BarnaRd gates.

  11. CC'2014

    People are still gathering for Take Back the Night!

  12. Concerned Woodbridge Resident  

    Which building on 116th?

  13. Excuse me  

    But in the wake of the current tragedies in Boston and Bagdad, this is really not the time for jokes.

  14. liza  

    Apparently the "package" was just Forest Whitaker.

  15. 2016

    an old lady forgot her bag there. its all goooood

  16. CC 2017  

    My parents read this and are freaking out.

  17. BC14  

    Bwog, you get a lot of crap from your readers these days, but I personally would like to say that I really appreciate this coverage from you, especially considering that there was no information coming from the university. Thanks.

  18. Too little too late

    Just got my Columbia U text. Lol

  19. CC'2014

    Take back the night is still happening! 8:15 rally start time, walk begins at 8:30

  20. yo  

    that first pic looks like a screenshot from csi: new york ... definitely meme-worthy.

  21. CHILL

    its not his fault he's a prefrosh

  22. Anonymous

    It was a false alarm. But thanks for being vigilant people.

  23. Nye the Science Guy  

    Fuck yourself in the face man

  24. Umm  

    Guys, they're just books, like seriously

  25. CC 2017  

    I'm actually here visiting a few friends I made when I did days on campus last year, so fuck you.

  26. cultural differences  

    chefetz chashud! been there, we know the drill.

  27. Bwog was there

    Spec was not.


    Now can we please get back to talking about how bad Lanbo's op-ed was?

  29. not trying to be insensitive...  

    Creating this kind of panic/hypervigilance is exactly the aim of terrorism. If you're scared, they win. The best revenge is to be unafraid.

  30. Don't forget to brag

    Make sure you guys post this on your facebook so your high school friends back in the midwest and south can know what a dangerous and exciting life you are leading at Columbia!

  31. That awkward moment

    when you have to find out about a bomb threat by Bwog... cool public safety.

  32. Anonymous

    Barnyard, you don't even go here!

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