Police have cordoned off an area on College Walk by the Broadway gates Broadway from 115th to 117th. Police are saying a suspicious package was left on campus and needs to be investigated. More info as we get it.

Update, 7:40: Both sides of Broadway are now closed, including for cars. NYPD confirms suspicious package. One cop called it a suspected bomb on campus. No evacuations have been made yet, except on the street and a section of College Walk.

Update, 7:50: The street has been reopened, NYPD reports it was a false alarm.  An older woman had left her bag unattended under a bench by the gates.  She came back to reclaim it as the street shut-down was underway.

Update, 8:10: Emergency alert text messages have just begun coming in [at least, to Barnard students].  Please note: the all clear has already been given by the NYPD.