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Suspicious Package Found

Police have cordoned off an area on College Walk by the Broadway gates Broadway from 115th to 117th. Police are saying a suspicious package was left on campus and needs to be investigated. More info as we get it.

Update, 7:40: Both sides of Broadway are now closed, including for cars. NYPD confirms suspicious package. One cop called it a suspected bomb on campus. No evacuations have been made yet, except on the street and a section of College Walk.

Update, 7:50: The street has been reopened, NYPD reports it was a false alarm.  An older woman had left her bag unattended under a bench by the gates.  She came back to reclaim it as the street shut-down was underway.

Update, 8:10: Emergency alert text messages have just begun coming in [at least, to Barnard students].  Please note: the all clear has already been given by the NYPD.

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Snow day?

  • Brozay says:

    @Brozay Oh look… a deli meat

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous We’re on lockdown in hewitt

    1. anon says:

      @anon the dining hall?? so they aren’t letting people in/out?

  • Space Battleship Loofah says:

    @Space Battleship Loofah Rape culture.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous There’s a dick joke to be made somewhere here.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous 116th St. is totally filled with fire trucks and police cars, too.

  • Anon says:

    @Anon It’s campus on lock down, not Hewitt. You just can’t leave the gates.

  • CC 14 says:

    @CC 14 Would it be too much to ask to get some kind of email? What happened to the alleged text message alert system.

    1. dirty mike says:

      @dirty mike i shit my pants but i got my text

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous What is happening with Take Back The Night? Still a go?

    1. Alexandra says:

      @Alexandra Yes!

  • Van Owen says:

    @Van Owen Was it a well-endowed package?

    1. BC '17 says:

      @BC '17 Come on people, can we please not make jokes about this? You may think you’re using humor to cope with a stressful situation but you’re actually just promoting and normalizing bomb culture. Check you privilege.

      1. Not BC'17 says:

        @Not BC'17 No, this kind of demeanor is what makes things worse. Learn to laugh.

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous I think (hope) she was kidding…”normalizing bomb culture” lol

  • CC13 says:

    @CC13 it’s an administration plot to fuck the seniors over

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous *government plot to control our minds. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

  • CC'2014 says:

    @CC'2014 Riverside is also blocked off. There’s a building on 116 b/w river and broadway that has been evacuated.

    They’ve just taken down the caution tape in front of BarnaRd gates.

    1. Concerned Woodbridge Resident says:

      @Concerned Woodbridge Resident Which building?

  • CC'2014 says:

    @CC'2014 People are still gathering for Take Back the Night!

  • Concerned Woodbridge Resident says:

    @Concerned Woodbridge Resident Which building on 116th?

  • Excuse me says:

    @Excuse me But in the wake of the current tragedies in Boston and Bagdad, this is really not the time for jokes.

    1. Karim says:

      @Karim Yes, it is the time for fear. Fear and hopeless, hopeless anxiety.

  • liza says:

    @liza Apparently the “package” was just Forest Whitaker.

  • 2016 says:

    @2016 an old lady forgot her bag there. its all goooood

  • CC 2017 says:

    @CC 2017 My parents read this and are freaking out.

    1. New Yorker says:

      @New Yorker Welcome to NY, kid.

      1. Really? says:

        @Really? @New Yorker:

        So fucking condescending! SCREW YOU

    2. CC '14/New Yorker says:

      @CC '14/New Yorker Bro, do you even go here?

      1. Nye the Science Guy says:

        @Nye the Science Guy Yeah dick

        1. Fuck Cornell says:

          @Fuck Cornell @Nye the Science Guy:



        2. New Kid Beater-Upper says:

          @New Kid Beater-Upper BURN THE WITCH

      2. VB says:

        @VB Obviously this guy really has nothing better to do but bully freshman. On a Thursday night while all his buddies are out having a good time at Mel’s, he’s sitting behind his computer, jackin’. It’s horribly offensive that he would even resort to using homophobic language in 2013, during a crisis time. Jokes are all good and great when it eases the tension people feel during one of the most startling attacks in the US since 9’11. But trolling freshman cause “his parents feel scared,”? Who has the energy for that when your miserable face is stuck in a book/classroom 18 hrs a day? Back off bully or I will get Bwog to log your IP address and 86 you from all Columbia servers next time you’re feeling bored enough to mess with the freshman.

    3. CC? says:

      @CC? @CC 2017:

      Are you sure you didn’t mean BC?


  • BC14 says:

    @BC14 Bwog, you get a lot of crap from your readers these days, but I personally would like to say that I really appreciate this coverage from you, especially considering that there was no information coming from the university. Thanks.

    1. Anon says:

      @Anon agreed.

  • Too little too late says:

    @Too little too late Just got my Columbia U text. Lol

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous @Too little too late:
      I never got my text…

  • CC'2014 says:

    @CC'2014 Take back the night is still happening! 8:15 rally start time, walk begins at 8:30

  • yo says:

    @yo that first pic looks like a screenshot from csi: new york … definitely meme-worthy.

  • Whoa Bro says:

    @Whoa Bro CHILL

    its not his fault he’s a prefrosh

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous It was a false alarm. But thanks for being vigilant people.

  • Nye the Science Guy says:

    @Nye the Science Guy Fuck yourself in the face man

  • Umm says:

    @Umm Guys, they’re just books, like seriously

  • CC 2017 says:

    @CC 2017 I’m actually here visiting a few friends I made when I did days on campus last year, so fuck you.

    1. Check your math says:

      @Check your math If you came to Days on Campus last year you should be CC 2016, seeing as 2012 + 4 = 2016.

      So this again begs the question.. do you even go here?

      1. CC 2017 says:

        @CC 2017 Check my math?

        Check your privilege…Bitch.

  • cultural differences says:

    @cultural differences chefetz chashud! been there, we know the drill.

  • Bwog was there says:

    @Bwog was there Spec was not.

    1. How can you dislike that? says:

      @How can you dislike that? Fact.


    @ALRIGHT, EVERYONE Now can we please get back to talking about how bad Lanbo’s op-ed was?

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous fuck yes

    2. @The Phantom Shadow yes it is a very real possibility that this bomb thread was a FALSE FLAG by the spect to DISTRACT the public from that op ed

  • not trying to be insensitive... says:

    @not trying to be insensitive... Creating this kind of panic/hypervigilance is exactly the aim of terrorism. If you’re scared, they win. The best revenge is to be unafraid.

    1. Van Owen says:

      @Van Owen But are we majoring in unafraid?

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous I agree that the hyper paranoia over the bag was silly.

      However the text messages not going out is inexcusable. In the event that it is needed, it MUST work. The fact that this was a dumb false alarm doesn’t excuse the further incompetence.

  • Don't forget to brag says:

    @Don't forget to brag Make sure you guys post this on your facebook so your high school friends back in the midwest and south can know what a dangerous and exciting life you are leading at Columbia!

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous The Boston suspects were on the MIT campus and shot a security guard last night.

  • That awkward moment says:

    @That awkward moment when you have to find out about a bomb threat by Bwog… cool public safety.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Barnyard, you don’t even go here!

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