Eternal Glory For You….And Your Prospie

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Basically top this

Basically top this

This weekend’s Days On Campus (damn you SEAS for getting the real weekend nights) coincides perfectly with 4/20, some actually slightly spring weather (maybe…) and generally the last weekend before finals start to kick in. What does that mean? That you should be showing your prospie an excellent time, *not* making them sleep on your linoleum floor while you scribble out your sociology paper till 4 a.m. INSTEAD….

You could win eternal fame, wealth (a 6-pack of your choice), and glory throughout all of Morningside Heights for both yourself and the young hopeful lodging with you. How, you ask? By submitting the best photo of yourself and your prospie from Days On Campus. Photos need not be incriminating to be awesome; in fact, it’ll be a nice challenge to see how entertaining you can make the photo without risking arrest for either of you. In fact, the photo doesn’t even have to directly identify anyone, if that’s what you’re worried about. Just — please — no nudity. Unless it’s tasteful.

Go forth, revel, and photograph!

Pit bull with baby, 1892 via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    wow, senior week couldn't be a bigger fucking let down.

  2. Anonymous

    BLAZE IT 420 ROOM 420 PUPIN 4:20 PM 4/20

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