Overheard: Trouble at the Turnstiles

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Locked up!

Locked up!

Two men in fancy suits walk into Lerner. One man passes through the turnstiles with ease. The other is left stuck on the side of the public – the side of the plebians. This will not do.

Stuck man to desk: “Can’t I go through!? I’m not an alumni here, but I DID go to Harvard.”

He DID go to Harvard. The nerve! Keeping a man of his quality locked up behind those stupid metal bars… He paid good money for his education! Couldn’t that woman tell by his perfectly coiffed hair, his teeth sparkling white teeth, his overbearing air of dickishness? If he wanted to be treated this way he would have gone to Cornell.

Lerner will be hearing from his lawyers.

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  1. Harvard graduate

    A real Harvard graduate would not say "an alumni."

  2. Excuse me, but

    Does the Bwog know who I am? Who my father is? I am an upstanding member of this community, and I will not stand being lambasted in a public forum by sniveling undergrads. Take this down immediately.

  3. A joke  

    How do you know if a man is a Harvard graduate?

    Don't worry, he'll tell you.

  4. Van Owen

    The nerve of those people...

  5. Anonymous  

    lulz all the people without crowns

  6. Anonymous

    On the subject of elitism, I knew my girlfriend was the one when I told her I went to Columbia and she deadpanned, "Columbia? Is that a four year school?"

  7. Harvard Airlines  

    Welcome to Harvard Airlines, where you can carry on your ego and never have to check your privilege!

  8. fuck 'em

    the day i can get into widener library is the day all have sympathy for those poor cantabs.

  9. Typo  

    "His teeth sparkling white teeth"? lol

  10. Gretchen Weiners

    I don't think my father, the inventor of the toaster strudel, will be too pleased to hear about this.

  11. Blunts in Butler  

    Dude. Chill. Like no one cares.

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