Bwoglines: The World Without Edition

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let's write a dystopian novel about it
let's write a dystopian novel about it

A young girl imagining a world without Bwog.

What would the world look like without…

Maya Angelou?…Horrible, because we would never know why the caged bird sings. (Nytimes, Hulu)

Email apocalypse?…I don’t know, but can you please remove me from your listserv? (Gothamist, Bwog)

A significant other?…Forever alone. (Buzzfeed, Tumblr)

Stress?…404 Error Not Found.(Huffington Post, 404errorpages)

Without Bwog, where would all the trolls go? via Wikimedia Commons


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  1. Currently Single

    There are some good things about being single. Like waking up on a Sunday morning, blasting New Order and Missing Persons, dancing in your boxers, and drinking Jack from the bottle. Not having to cook breakfast for your significant other and clean your room are benefits too.

    Except for the not having sex part. That kind of sucks.

    brb going to sob into my problem set.

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