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As you know, Columbia is now in the matrix and you need to arrive by parachute.

As you know, Columbia is now in the matrix and you need to arrive by parachute.

As you all know, the day prospies leave campus after DoC is the happiest saddest day of the year. So in an attempt to wish them a proper goodbye and hopefully bring them back in September, we braved the seven seas of Butler and asked the locals for some advice to prospies. Here’s what we got:

  • Boy on the 3rd floor: “Become nocturnal.”
  • Girl with cute glasses: “Learn to walk faster.”
  • Boy with puffy coat: “Don’t think you’re ever going to talk to people you meet during NSOP ever again.”
  • Boy in 209: “Avoid the dining halls.”
  • Boy in 209: “I can’t share—I’m graduating, so I can’t remember.”
  • Girl in 209: “Don’t find yourself in the Heights tonight at 1 am. Just don’t. It’s not a good idea.”
  • Girl outside Butler: “Holding hands won’t keep you from getting lost.” (Pregnant pause, laughs) “Trust me.”
  • Girl with glasses outside bathroom: “Spend a lot of time in Butler; that’s what you’ll be doing when you go here.”
  • Guy with backpack: “Pick the school that feels right for you… That’s really clich√©.”
  • Two smiling girls: “Don’t stay in Butler too late.”
  • Texting girl with scarf: “Make sure to major in something that you really like. College is a time to discover what you love; you can specialize in grad school. It’s the last time you’ll be free from bills and taxes ands stuff. Your last chance to be… not a kid, but someone youthful and carefree.”
  • Grad student: “Do a lot of outlines before actually writing essays.”
  • Girl with black jacket: “Talk to a lot of students about what classes to take, just so you know how to build a schedule and not miss out on classes you need to take for your major.”

You can perceive the wide range of Columbia experiences just from these responses—leave more in the comments!

Good luck with your decisions, prospies; Bwog loves you and hopes you’ll come.

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  1. CC 13  

    That awkward moment when my entire suite is made up of people I met during NSOP

  2. Blunts in Butler

    Find a reliable dealer. Like one not in a frat.

  3. Anonymous  

    do the lithum reading

  4. Anonymous  

    Get used to jerking off when you should be studying...

    Oh wait, you probably are.


  5. Anonymous  

    DAE wish they were in butler when they do these things

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