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UnDergradzz in Uri$$

UnDergradzz in Uri$$

Some of you might have heard of the recent conflict surrounding Uris library. BSchool students are just way too cool to be surrounded by the likes of lazy, annoying, undergrads.

To protect their space, they have decided to close off the library during finals week to all non-business students—with the exception of econ majors.

So tonight after our meeting, the bravest of the Bwog staff ventured deep into hostile territory to try and win some hearts and minds gather intelligence on the enemy.

What do the denizens of Uris really think about undergrads in the library? Read on to find out.

  • Econ undergrad: I’m working on financial Econ so I have a valid excuse to be here! I don’t really get what the problem is. There’s always lots of space and open desks. I don’t get it.
  • Suave girl: I’m fine as long as they don’t take too much space.
  • French guy: Personally, I have no problem. I know that some people do, and they think they take up a lot of space, and we’re paying for it and everything, but as long as undergraduates are here and doing work and acting like adults, like some do, I don’t have a problem. I don’t want to keep you out of here.
  • Friendly male: I have never seen the way they sleep, so it generally doesn’t matter.
  • Group: We are undergraduates. It’s helpful to have a place to talk.
  • Cool guy: I’m a phd student. The solution is that since people like these types of loud libraries, create more.
  • Considerate man: I commiserate with you. It’s horrible. You should stage a sit-out outside the library.
  • Group 2: We’re undergrads studying in Uris, so we love it.
  • Actually pretty upset grad student: It doesn’t upset me at all.
  • MORE undergrads: I guess this isn’t our library so we’re not the best people to ask..since we don’t belong here either.
  • Nice woman: I don’t care. I mean, it gets really packed but…I think everyone should be able to [study here].
  • Non-BSchool grad: I don’t mind. I’m not business either so I’m kind of annoyed I’ll have to find a new library.
  • Stone cold girl: Oh, I’m not a fan of [having them here]. Most people I know aren’t happy with it.
  • Friendly group of BSchool students: *smiles* Ya, that’s fine! I was an undergraduate last year. *affirming nods and smiles from both remaining friends*

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  1. by the same logic

    If undergrads aren't allowed in uris, then shouldn't bschoolers not be allowed in butler?

    • Anonymous  

      Did u get that from the comments section of the original bwog post?

      • by the same logic

        No, that would be lame if I read every comment that was posted on bwog.

        But the point is, it would be obnoxious if every school did this and everyone was only allowed in their respective libraries and would make trying to find a place to study even more a pain in the ass.

        Where is the love?

    • Mentioned this before, but...

      Milstein and the undergraduate reading rooms are the undergrad spaces in Butler. The entire library itself is not.

    • Anonymous

      Not to generalize, but Bschoolers are cool with getting access removed from Butler, if it's a tit-for-tat thing. 100% of our classes are either in Uris or Warren, and pretty much all of our meetings and events are in Uris. We don't have dorms to go back to between classes, so Watson library pretty much becomes our home during the day :)

      • Anonymous

        that may be true for you, but it's not true for all the b-schoolers...i mentioned this in the other bwog post but when i was in the ref room earlier today, there were three bschool students (as distinguished by their backpacks) at the table.

        One was studying.
        One was napping.
        One was nowhere to be seen for around 2 hours, though his backpack on the chair still proudly proclaimed that he was a CBS student.

        • SEAS 15

          I feel like a top 5 b-school like CBS should have better facilities. I mean Warren Buffet is an alum and the richest graduate of any business school. And according to US News their finance devision is ranked above Harvard and Stanford.

  2. Anonymous

    Alex and Alex are the best bwog editorial team ever. and their duck faces are A+.

  3. !!  

    "Friendly group of BSchool students: *smiles* Ya, that’s fine! I was an undergraduate last year. *affirming nods and smiles from both remaining friends*"


  4. Blunts in Butler

    But Uris is the best spot to light up a doobie. Like most B-Schoolers don't even know what maryjane smells like. Taking a big toke right now in mourning.

  5. Anonymous

    I'd turn away those duck faces as fast as the G train is slow.

  6. Anonymous  

    Wtf? But econ majors are the most annoying people.

  7. Adam Smith  

    Library use regulations? We should let the market decide

  8. Anonymous  

    quack quack

  9. wtf  

    What could BSchoolers possibly be studying for? How to attend more networking events?!?!

  10. Anonymous

    How are the B Schoolers going to flirt with all the Columbia undergrads now?

  11. Watsonlove  

    Annoyed BS student: If you're an undergrad you shouldn't event be in this conference room
    Undergrad: Just trying to get my time in before they kick us out
    Annoyed BS student: Well you have plenty of other libraries to study in
    Undergrad: You can study in those too
    Annoyed BS student: Yeah but I don't want to

    Why you gotta be so mean B school?

  12. Gender-Based Harassment on campus?  

    This is an instance of gender-based harassment. If you are a student you has had your picture publicized against your will, accompanied by comments about your body, you have the right to file a report. This blog violated Columbia University policy.

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