DEA Car Chase Ends on 115th Street

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Around 6:30 pm, DEA agents concluded a car chase right on 115th street between Broadway and Riverside Drive, right in front of Schapiro. DEA agents handcuffed two men, who—according to a doorman who witnessed the scene—had been driving a blue mustang with Florida plates. One of the agents told Bwog that the two men have no affiliation with Columbia.

The doorman told Bwog that he initially saw a couple SUVs with dark windows chasing a blue mustang down 115th street onto Riverside. The mustang went around the block and came back down 115th, but this time, it was caught by the SUVs and the men were arrested.

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  1. CC2013  

    Please tell me a cheap apartment just opened up nearby...

  2. CC2013  

    :( Crown heights here I come.

  3. Looks like  

    Stefan is back on campus

  4. Anonymous  

    has the mustang been booted? someone want to jack it with me? knickerbocker motorsports? anyone?

  5. Blunts in Butler  

    Shit. Better hide my stash.

  6. Anonymous

    Why are these Florida people up in New York causing crimes

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