Kingsmen Play Cupid

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The Kingsmen, one of Columbia’s all male a capella groups, have been known to serenade unsuspecting ladies with their sweet, sweet music. On Monday, they continued their legacy when they helped a high-school student ask his girlfriend to prom. The result is a combination of cringe-worthy awkwardness and extreme cuteness. For all the singing and none of the awkward making-out (we hope), come to the Kingsmen’s concert tomorrow at 8 pm in the Wein lounge!


Columbia Kingsmen asks a girl to the prom from André-Pierre du Plessis on Vimeo.

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  1. graz

    Brought a big smile --- what awkwardness? Really sweet. Thank you !

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    can get it

  3. Fromage '13  

    This was very sweet, not unlike a nice stilton.

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