1. CC13  

    Those idiots have clearly never had a shroom burger from Shake Shack.

  2. Blunts in Butler  

    Like without cheese, how the fuck am I supposed to cure the munchies?

  3. Anonymous  

    The most surprising part is that cheese is more favored among women than among men. Let's be real: women get the much better deal in oral sex. (I'm a woman)

  4. Anonymous  

    the fact that they can't find more compelling stories is telling of the quality of their news program. why is this news??? Let's be real tho - no more cheeseburgers?? PIZZA?! COME ON MAN

  5. Anonymous  

    I have never seen two people so baffled by "humor" in my entire life.

  6. CC '16  

    Why do you have to have just one or the other? Can I have both?

  7. Jaded Graduate Student

    As a fan of both (safe) oral fixation and cheese, I don't think the sheer palette of cheeses has been brought up here. Some people like hard aged-cheeses like cheddar; some like veiny blues like Stiltons, some like them smoked or washed in brines. Some prefer buffalo milk, some prefer Velvetta. Some are more musty and savory, others are maybe on the sweeter, grassier side. There are some awesome cheeses that can be find in any dairy section that virtually anyone can enjoy and others just require more refined palette. Smegma is kind of like a cheese, both men and women have it and I'm sure everybody's tastes a little different. I say that Columbia learns to love both its cheese and oral sex equally.

  8. Anonymous

    They've clearly never seen the cheese aisle at Westside.

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