ABC Election Results Announced

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Building blocks

Building blocks

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2013-2014 Activities Board Below! According to outgoing ABC president Saketh Kalathur, this year marks a switch to a Direct Democracy mode of representation: each ABC rep was elected only by the groups in their category. Best of luck for next year, all!

Executive Board:

President: Tony Lee, CC ’15
Vice President: Nikhil Krishnan, CC ’14
Treasurer: Ayo Akira Yoshida-Are, CC ’16
Secretary: Sunpreet Singh, CC ’16


Dance: Radhika Gupta, CC ’16
Musical: Matt Kim, SEAS ’15
Performance: Ben Xue, CC ’14
Black, Latino, and Native American: Eberechi Ihezie, CC ’14
East Asian: Steve Kwon, CC ’14
South Asian and Pacific: Sahil Sud, CC ’16
European and Middle Eastern: Saaket Pradhan, CC ’16
Academic: Jared Greene, CC ’16
Engineering: Harrison Liew, SEAS ’15
Pre-Professional: Albert Pan, CC ’16
Publication: Christine Byun, CC ’14
Media: Keenan Lamar Burton Sessems CC ’14
Special Interests: Hamza Ali Khan, CC ’14

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  1. Anonymous  

    why do we have two parent club organizations?

  2. Saketh  

    Congrats to the new board! Can't wait to come back as an alum and see all the big things you pursue!

  3. Anonymous  

    Can we please separate European and Middle Eastern into two categories? Not trying to be whitewashed.

    • Justin Y  

      There's not enough European groups and Middle Eastern groups to warrant that. These groupings are just nominal anyway. The programming and spending structure/habits of cultural groups are largely the same regardless of ethnicity or geography.
      -- european/middle eastern group rep for last 2 yrs

  4. CC 14  

    Sunpreet Singh is the greatest

  5. CC '16  

    Let's go Sahil and Sunny!!

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