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Coffee makes Bwog happy like no other

Coffee makes Bwog happy like no other

Bwog is many things: slightly awkward, obsessed with squirrels, extremely opinionated, and a little too reliant on puns for humor. But there’s one thing that (maybe?) ties those things together: Bwog loves you and wants you to be happy. To demonstrate this in a tangible way (that’s not a hashtag), we’re hoping to make your reading week a little easier, a little cheaper, and a little bit more fun.

From 9 pm to 11 pm tonight in Smoker’s Plaza (a.k.a. outside of Butler), Bwog will be set up with a little red table, giving anyone who stops by some free coffee. Free, you ask? But nothing in life is free! Well, fine: we would also like your love. And perhaps a good overheard or two for our finals week posts. But really, we just want to give you some coffee that’s decent quality (Starbucks, we sold out) and help make your research paper that much better. Supplies are somewhat limited — there is a monetary limit to how much we love Columbia — so get it while it’s somewhat hot!

AND as an added bonus: while you’re waiting for the caffeine to kick in, get a free massage from Stressbusters tonight from 8 pm to 12 am in Butler 203. See if you can drink the coffee and get a back rub simultaneously.

Caffeinate/study break/stress relieve/make friends/revel with Bwog! We’ll be waiting, coffee in hand and puns at the ready.

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  1. In the But  

    Thanks Bwog! <3

  2. Anonymous

    Bwog, I just saw this post. Damn. I am currently writing a paper that is partly concerned with Bwog and I can't attend this event with you (I'm a bit off campus, I wouldn't make it in time)! What should I do?

    -A concerned reader who just wants to taaalk

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