Free Pinkberry RIGHT NOW

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sorry sorry sorry
sorry sorry sorry


Apologies for the late notice (#ButlerBrain), but there is free Pinkberry, in multiple flavors, out in the Broadway, McBain and Ruggles lobbies, courtesy of your lovely Block CAs.  Get there quickly–they’re packing up shop at 2 pm!

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  1. No there ain't  

    Bitches lied/ran out

  2. Anonymous

    day 2 1:50pm: I crawl warily out of my Broadway single. My eyes not yet adjusted to the fluorescent lighting, I struggle to find the elevators. I descend to the lobby where I scour for the promised edibles–anything, even wafer crumbs would suffice to quell these pangs. nothing. I turn back, my hopes of an icey froyo treat extinguished

  3. Dylan  

    Yeah. We started at 1PM. Got mad rushed. It was all gone by 1:15PM

  4. BSGS

    Speaking as a former pinkberry manager and as "froyo" expert (I once saved a baby from the grinding blades of a yogurt machine): if you kids ate that shit, you might die. Really.

  5. Anonymous  

    As an intelligent Columbia student, you should understand the principles of supply and demand. A limited supply of pinkberry (given away for free) probably isn't going to last a whole hour. If you really want free stuff, you should be, at the very least, on time.

    If you aren't on time, I have no sympathy that you missed out.


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