Most “Barnard” Cheaters Are Actually Columbia Students

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A source close to Professor Ellsberg has informed us that the majority of students suspected of cheating in the so-called “Barnard Cheating Scandal” are actually men and women from Columbia College.  Of the 123 students, only around a fifth of the students have been specifically marked out as having cheated–and Ellsberg has a list of names.

Additionally, our source tells us that the alleged cheating was more serious than previously believed. It was not simply Googling answers, but students paying other students to help them receive higher grades.  It is of note that students did not personally grade their own quizzes; they were scored by classmates (peer-graded, not self-graded).

Finally, it is apparent that a number of students (all CC) dropped the class as soon as the final was added, and that those suspected of cheating will be hearing from the disciplinary board soon.

Update, 12:34 am: The New York Times has picked up the story, describing the incident as “quite tame” (compared to the Harvard scandal of 2012). The Times also reports that, after learning about cheating early in the semester, Ellsberg delegated the responsibility of grading all quizzes to “a few reliable students.”

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  1. Anonymous  

    what next, we're going to find out they were racist athletes too?

  2. smh  

    The trolls are coming. The trolls are coming!

  3. so basically  

    this week has been a category 5 shitstorm

    • anon  

      This must be the best news week at columbia since '68

      • Rob

        Maybe so. But 1968 was legendary and epochal. Some have argued - Eric Foner - that the student riots of '68 precipitated a major break from Columbia's past, and by proxy, was a seminal move toward modernity.

        • Anonymous

          Writing a paper due friday about the columbia student protests in 1968 and contemporary bwog and spec communication/conflict! Glad someone else is making the tenuous connection... :-) As for accommodating this week's shitstorm in my paper... ugh just fuck all this discriminatory trolling and shaming... how can anyone speak across such loud voices that suspend their [often awful] judgments in the hidden safety of anonymity? Good luck with focusing on finals y'all!

      • But what about  


    • Anonymous  

      You guys must be underclassmen...the drug bust was definitely a bigger deal around here. All the crazy shit always happens during finals.

  4. in all seriousness...  

    how am i supposed to study for finals when so much shit is hitting so many different fans

    (also, your captcha system fucking blows)

  5. Oh lawd  

    Hiding UN my bunker from now on. This university can't get it.

      • Anonymous  

        when i first read that comment I thought you wanted to hide in a UN bunker...was trying to figure out where that would be... by the UN building I guess? then I thought you meant that the UN couldn't get into Columbia (I didn't know it had applied-- maybe it should have been an athlete.)
        then I read your correction and thought the fix was for "this university can't get *in*" like Columbia couldn't get in to the UN. which is natural, it not being a country...or it was banned for having racists and cheaters?

        aaaaand then I got it.

        finals have fried my brains, okay? being distracted by all this breaking news is NOT helping me focus. Bwog can you like stop posting breaking news until I finish my paper? is that too much to ask for? #unreasonableness #finalsdrivingmecrazyyyy

  6. Anonymous  

    How can they even drop this late in the semester? Does this mean that the scandal came out over a month ago but was only made public now?

    • Yes  

      This has been hushed up by the administration for a number of months now, I heard rumors about it about a month ago and was wondering when shit would hit the fan.

    • Anonymous  

      No, the scandal happened about three weeks ago and people were given the option to drop, p/d/f, or stick with the class and got an extended deadline to make their decision.

  7. Crawlb4bawl  

    Here's a drastic idea:

    Instead of being on facebook, why don't you actually face a book so you don't have to cheat?

  8. Anonymous  

    Can we have a sensible discussion about how Columbia College really isn't part of Barnard and that CC students can't hack the academic rigors across the street?

    Also, racism.

    And hate crime.

  9. This is where Barnard ends  

    Columbia should just let Barnard go. Then Barnard can go bankrupt and then Columbia can buy all of its facilities. That way you get rid of this type of scandals and of the great divide that the presence of Barnard creates in the undergraduate population. Finally, Barnard is simply not an Ivy League School. It is just fortunate to be across the street from one.

  10. Heisenberg  

    Just to point out, while you have to give your paper to someone else to grade, you could just trade with a friend. Also, she could not tell if you didn't trade but just kept your own paper.

  11. Anonymous

    Yo why isn't the Bwog background back to blue yet? Did everyone forget about this shitty redesign??

  12. Anonymous  

    you're drunk

  13. I think the real question here is  

    Why couldn't she grade her own damn quizzes?? And aren't there TAs for that ish?

  14. Anonymous

    So everyone making fun of Barnard and everyone making fun of the honor code is looking pretty dumb right now.

    • Anonymous  

      Lol love the Bwog's "when you assume" tag...

      Shockingly, I guess Barnard students do deserve to be here despite them only being affiliates of the grand ivy league, and Steve Castellano and Bob Sun may be onto something about needing to reassess how we view academic integrity at this school.

    • also

      Big ups to whoever came up with "have fun with that commenters."

  15. er  

    wow, a source tells me most of the cheaters were columbia students, how likely is it that bwog made up the source or the source is not that credible?

  16. waiiiiit  

    how did NYT pick up on THIS "quite tame" incident (with random students given way too much temptation and easy ways to rationalize cheating because the professor obviously didn't care about this quiz- not justifying it, just saying it was unsurprising due to the ridiculous situation the professor created, and probably not indicative of a larger problem at the university)

    and NOT the bigger scandal of football players who appear to have a much more endemic problem of a culture of racism (and all the other isms), and all the problems their speech implies of a culture of hatred and privilege given to maybe-undeserving athletes, over other students. maybe they will get to it later?

    (side note- NYT reporters read Bwog comments- hope y'all are flattered)

    • Anonymous  

      Not that I agree with it but large-scale cheating at an ivy league university is a pretty big deal. Asian and homophobic tweets are a dime a dozen. Again, i love our progressiveness, but it's a bit atypical. There were much harsher rape threats up at Dartmouth a few weeks back, and not only did the day off that students got not receive further press coverage, but commenters in the student blogs and newspapers thought administration was overreacting. Cheating, for better or for worse, is generally much more taboo

    • Anonymous  

      I disagree that the teacher asked for this. I came to college to learn, not to take easy classes and cheat with all my peers. Lying about grades is serious. And bribery is even more serious if you are to claim that it was the teacher's fault beforehand. Both situations are terrible, but the way you framed this question is beyond ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      Why does the New York Times only print negative articles about Columbia? You never read about all the discoveries, inventions, new institutes, donations etc. We are constantly bestowing Pulitzer Prizes on them andthey continue this one sided sensational garbage.

  17. Barnard 2015  

    I'm wondering how this was verified... Via anonymous tip or through an actual source?

  18. Anonymous

    If Ivy Leaguers are getting caught cheating in college how the hell are they going to do good and make it on Wall Street? Well... America's Fucked, everyone is screwed, and that's just perfect, you all are ruining a perfectly good system thats been around way longer than you.

  19. Beyonce Pad Thai  

    Coach Taylor would never have let this happen.

  20. New Drinking Game  

    1) Read Bwog Comments

    2) Have a shot every time someone says "Ivy League"

    3) Have a sip every time someone mentions privilege

    4) Die of alcohol poisoning and embarrassment.

  21. Anonymous

    Why didn"t the Barnard cheaters drop the class?

  22. er

    NYT is actually all over the good at Columbia. We just don't bother reading it until it's a scandal because we have too much homework.

  23. RD  

    the girls who go to barnard are less intelligent on every level than even the kids on the columbia football team. talk about a disgrace--how can columbia students go to class with these half-wits?

  24. Anonymous  

    Believe me, I've been in class with many a CU sports team member....Barnard students with the flu or knocked unconscious would do better than them on any English quiz. Without having to cheat.

    • BC '16  

      While the sentiment that Barnard students are just as capable is completely appreciated, I really don't think athlete bashing is the way to go. I know a bunch of really smart athletes who just also happen to be doing what they love. If you go to this university, you go to this university, end of story.

  25. BarnardStudent  

    Funny how we were all so willing to shit on Barnard, yet there's no crusade to sling the same shit at CC. Maybe that's because CC students are the only ones with any reputation for *needing* to seem superior to those around them. I would say we are all equals, but I'm becoming increasingly convinced that Barnard student are more valuable to the world for their positive, respectful attitudes. Oh, and because THEY DON'T CHEAT IN EXTRAVAGANTLY EASY COURSES!

  26. SEAS '13

    I propose that SEAS secede from the union. Where are my 'aye's?

  27. Anon

    Why are Columbia College students cheating in an English class at Barnard College?

    Why did students (all from CC) drop the class as soon as the final was added as a requirement?

  28. ...

    wait wait wait, hold up here. i've been out of the cauldron for almost a year but thought i'd check back to see what ridiculous shit was blowing up at the end of this year at columbia. it's columbia's one true tradition and true to form, it didn't disappoint...

    but honestly, y'all are missing the real story here. columbia will always be ridiculous, there will always be cheating, disunity and shitheads behaving badly. cheating was rampant in many of my classes, and often blatant. it's kind of a systemic problem where quantity and image are emphasized over careful (and more importantly, realistically humanly possible) deep study... having seen it over a few years at CU, the whole jonah lehrer debacle makes perfect sense...

    but forget that, the real story here is that the motherfucking NEW YORK TIMES has cited a motherfucking "commenter on Bwog."

    the future is here, and it is fucking frightening. peace out.

    • vom

      I had an email exchange with the author of the NYT article yesterday, asking why, if she was comfortable citing "a commenter on BWOG" that she didn't mention any of the allegations in this article. She skirted the issue, blaming upper management. Welcome to the [existing] world order of irresponsible, lazy journalism.

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