Real mature

A source close to Professor Ellsberg has informed us that the majority of students suspected of cheating in the so-called “Barnard Cheating Scandal” are actually men and women from Columbia College.  Of the 123 students, only around a fifth of the students have been specifically marked out as having cheated–and Ellsberg has a list of names.

Additionally, our source tells us that the alleged cheating was more serious than previously believed. It was not simply Googling answers, but students paying other students to help them receive higher grades.  It is of note that students did not personally grade their own quizzes; they were scored by classmates (peer-graded, not self-graded).

Finally, it is apparent that a number of students (all CC) dropped the class as soon as the final was added, and that those suspected of cheating will be hearing from the disciplinary board soon.

Update, 12:34 am: The New York Times has picked up the story, describing the incident as “quite tame” (compared to the Harvard scandal of 2012). The Times also reports that, after learning about cheating early in the semester, Ellsberg delegated the responsibility of grading all quizzes to “a few reliable students.”

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