Orgo Night And Midnight Breakfast Tonight

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In case all the recent breaking news has distracted you from finals week, some things never change: Orgo Night will take place tonight at 11:59 pm in Butler 209. And you can bet there will have been some last-minute additions to the script. Also tonight: Midnight Breakfast at, naturally, midnight in LeFrak Gymnasium. Whether you need to eat or be simultaneously offended and amused to let some stress loose, tonight’s your night. Below, the pretty dirty Orgo Night promo vid:

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  1. From 209 @9:53  

    The freshmen cramming for Lit Hum sitting at the table I'm standing on are giving me weird looks, but fuck them, I want my primo spot.

  2. question  

    when can non-barnard peoples go to midnight breakfast

  3. CC 14  

    Is orgo night going to be on youtube again this semester?

  4. In light of what just happened

    I am not sure why anyone would even consider going to this. We as a community need to take an introspective glance at what causes the tolerance of racism, homophobia, sexism, misogyny, etc., and Orgo night is undoubtedly one of the main contributors to this. It is incredibly hypocritical to demonize certain members of our community for racist and homophobic tweets and then go to this event in order to laugh at offensive jokes. I am by no means defending those tweets. They were a case of incredibly poor judgment and taste, and they came from players that stand in a spotlight to represent our school. But the marching band still carries the name Columbia on it. We need to decide now whether there is a time and place for racism, homophobia, sexism, etc., or if this is something that needs to be completely eradicated from our culture.

  5. Dear CUMB  

    If you're going to make fun of the poor plot in the Varsity Show, then at the very least put on a good Orgo Night.

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