Bwog In Bed: All Tired Out

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Rise and shine

Bwogline: The spire of One World Trade Center was bolted in this morning, officially bringing the building to stand at 1,776 feet tall. (CNN)

Finals Tip: Caffeine keeps you up, sugar makes you crash. So only drink RedBull or other sugary energy drinks if you plan on sleeping later. Otherwise, use coffee or tea.

Procrastinate: You’ll watch this more than you’ll admit.


“No, I like your prose – I just don’t like your ideas”

Ah, constructive criticism.

What we wish someone would make us via Shutterstock

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  1. Anonymous  

    De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

  2. Anonymous  

    don't stand so close to me

  3. Veteran procrastinator  

    Pretty sure that's a repost.

  4. cc  

    Crap, I so regret that redbull last night.

  5. Fuck

    I've watched cool guy like ten times already.

  6. An athlete

    who dafuq drinks coffee? #nattylight #ihatenerds

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